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Why Should I Drink Water According To My Blood Group?

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    • Drinking water is one of the most important things for our survival and there have been constant debates over how much water a person should drink.
    • Water has many benefits such as it helps you get rid of fatigue-ness, brings a glow to your skin, gives energy and the most obvious, help’s you stay hydrated.

    • You’ll find many people telling you to drink 8 glasses of water every day and some others may also tell you that drinking 2 glasses of water on a daily basis is more than enough.
    • Well, is it?

    • A study found that people have a different amount of fluid retention in their body according to their blood groups!
    • Some people have a lot of fluid in their body already and some may even develop kidney stones if they don’t drink adequate amounts of water.

    • Water can also help in weight loss because it is the only drink with no calories, avoids cramps and has so many other benefits.
    • Find out about how much water you should actually be drinking here:-

What is the amount of water I should drink according to my blood group?

  • Every person has a different blood group and thus, our bodies react to water in different ways. In many cases, it has been found that drinking too much water can be bad for staying healthy because an excess of water can cause the electrolytes in your body to lose their balance.
  • Also, the information I’m going to provide you with is for regular people and not for athletes or body builders.
  • The finest amount of water that people with different blood groups should drink is:-BLOOD GROUP A – 1 LITRE.


  • The BLOOD GROUP A should drink on 1 litre of water every day because they already have a lot of water or fluid retention in their bodies and thus, they should stick to this amount.
  • The BLOOD GROUP B should drink not more than 1-2 litres every day and this is a blood group which is prone to acidity.
  • The BLOOD GROUP O should drink at least 1.5 litres of water every day because dehydration can cause severe symptoms like fatigue, constipation and headache.
  • The BLOOD GROUP AB is particularly a confusing blood group because they can get satisfied with 1-2 litres of water per day and the minimum amount of water they should be drinking is 800 ml.
  • SOURCE:- DR. SHALINI (M.D in Naturopathy)

    What can I do to keep track of the amount of water I drink?

  • The amount of water that you drink can be tracked by using a water bottle which has measurements on it. This will allow you to know how much water you’re drinking at that time and you can’t go wrong because it’s all measured!

  • In this new age of smartphones, you can download or probably already have an app in your phone which calculates the number of steps you take every day, your heart beat rate and even gives you the option to track your water intake.
  • Using these apps, you can even set a target for the amount of water you want to drink and then your app keeps a record of that as well as shows you how many glasses you’ve finished out of the target you set earlier.
  • You can also know about the amount of water you need to drink by checking how much water would be appropriate for you according to your weight.
  • Research has also shown that when an individual drinks too much water, it can result in insomnia. Drinking a lot of water can make you want to run to the bathroom every few hours in the middle of the night!
  • There is also something which is known as “water poisoning”.
    In many cases, it has been reported that people have particularly overdosed on water such as drinking 4 litres in a day or even drinking too fast which caused death.
  • Thus, it is very important to know about the right amount of water we should actually be drinking and not fall for that so-called “8 glasses of water every day” rule!

7 thoughts on “Why Should I Drink Water According To My Blood Group?

  1. Hi Suhail,
    I did not know that the amount of water we have to drink each day depends on our blood type. That is a new information. I use water balance app on my phone to track the intake of liquids. It is pretty fun, as it increases with water and decreases with coffee and tea and etc.
    Sometimes we think we do drink a lot of water, but we actually do not at all. Well that is what i discovered after starting to measure my liquid daily intake.
    Thanks for the information. But water intake differs so much just based on the blood type? For example between A and other groups?

    1. Hello, Joana!
      Yes, this is brand new information and it is important to keep in consideration the amount of water we drink according to our blood group type.
      I use apps to track my intake too! They are accurate and easy to use. 😀
      Thank you so much for your sharing your opinion. 🙂


  2. I knew water had its benefits but I was not aware of the thing with getting rid of fatigue and giving the body more energy. Looks like I need to pick up the bottle more often. But first I have too find out what my blood type is. Isn’t amazing how everything in the body works?

    Thanks for these important info


    1. Hello, Angela! 🙂
      Yes, drinking water according to your blood type has it’s very own benefits which are amazing.
      Get to know about your blood type and yes the human body is extraordinary!


  3. I buy 6 gallons of purified water at least three times a week and I am always complaining about how much water everyone is drinking in my household.

    I am really not an extensive water drinker like others within my household and it does make me upset everytime I turn around and the water is gone lickety split.

    Well after reading and watching the video I need to stop complaining and just get with the program.

    Do you feel that a filtration system attached to your kitchen sinks water source would taste the same as buying the purified water at the store?

    Also my Blood Type is A Negative how much water do I need to drink per day?

    1. It would be ideal if you tell your family about the appropriate amount of water they should drink and it is great that you have water lovers in your household!

      I, personally, have a water purification system attached to my water as well and this is indeed better for drinking water. It does taste different from the water we get at our supermarkets or stores.

      Being a Blood Type A, you have to make sure that you drink 1 litre of water every day because BLOOD TYPE A people already have a lot of fluid retention in their bodies and this is why 1 litre is appropriate.


      1. Thank you for the information. So I guess the A group category includes both A positive and A- types of blood.

        What is the best type of filtration system would you suggest getting?

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