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Why drink green tea? – TOP 5 reasons.

green tea

  • Green tea has become a normal thing to have in everyone’s kitchen nowadays.
  • It’s amazing how easy and quick it is to have a cup! But green tea just isn’t like any other liquid, ranking second after water as the best drink in the world, it comes with many great health benefits.


  •  What are the reasons to drink green tea?

  • 1) Is amazing for brain function.

  • Green tea has properties that can relax the mind and make you comfortable.

    human brain

  • The L-Theanine content in green tea is what causes relaxation and makes you alert by driving away drowsiness.

  • It is proved that green tea can indeed improve mental alertness and helps people pay attention better. 

  • 2) Is great for weight loss.
  • The main reason green tea helps people who are losing weight is by loose pants animatedincreasing metabolism.

  • Hormones that burn fat in our body get a boost from the active compounds present in green tea.

  • Green tea aids the process of releasing fat into the bloodstream and turning it into energy. Thus, helping with weight loss. 

  • 3) Boosts immunity.
  • Immune function in green tea is boosted by the catechins (polyphenol) present in it.

    immunity pic
  • Green tea has properties that protect us from radicals and oxidants, thereby giving a boost to our immune system.
  • Nourishing your immunity with green tea is bound to keep your body on the right track when it comes to digestion and health.

  • 4) Regulates blood pressure.
  • Having green tea over a long period of time has proven to bring about significant changes in blood pressure.

    blood pressure machine

  • The flavonoids present in green tea are linked to heart health benefits and lower blood pressure as well.
  • But do remember that green tea also has caffeine in it so that may cause a slight rise in blood pressure but it’s nothing to worry about.


  • 5) Can help with acne.

  • Green tea is a great choice for you because it helps you deal with acne and aids good and healthy skin.

  • Drinking green tea can help you reduce inflammation which decreases the breakouts on the skin.

  • Green tea is also good for damaged skin since it fights free radicals because of its antioxidants.






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