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  • A recent U.S study has found that diabetes can lead to harmful effects on the brain of a person who suffers from this problem. This may even turn into a disease.
    However, losing weight has benefits not only on your lifestyle but it mainly has an effect on your HEALTH.
  • What researchers did was that they got a group of diabetics and offered them a diet plan.
    Some others were given an education program about diseases.

Stop Diabetes

  • As a result, the group of diabetics who were given a diet plan reduced great amounts of weight and the best part is that they achieved amazing cardiorespiratory strength which is very important for us, human beings.
  • The WHO (World Health Organisation)  has been reported to have said that apparently one in nine adults seem to have diabetes and this disease will actually be one of the major cause of death by 2030.
  • Lifestyle changes and weight loss are known to reduce high levels of glucose that are harmful to the brain. It is best that we keep on stimulating ourselves cognitively and keep exercising for the best lifestyle out there.
  • Thus, it is very important to maintain a proper amount of weight for better health and now that you know diabetes may even lead to harmful effects on the brain, TAKE GREATER CARE OF YOUR HEALTH!!

Always remember your body can do it!

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