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It might be surprising for many people out there but there are ways you can lose weight because of spirituality.
I’ve always believed in the quote “If you can believe, you can achieve”.

Belief and determination are the main things that drive a person to succeed and it is very important for losing weight as well.
If you do not “believe” you can do it, neither can you “achieve it”.Yoga Pose Pictures
Also, spiritual ways of losing weight are not “quick fixes” because they do take their time and require you to relax.

The most important thing that you need to understand is that spirituality is not the same as religion.

In spirituality we ask ourselves the purpose of living, how do we feel connected and things of that sort.

In religion, the emphasis is on what type of things are right and wrong, what type of life should one follow in respect to religion etc.

With that being said, let’s finally get on with it….

The top 5 ways you can lose weight spiritually are:-

Meditation is indeed one of the greatest ways to lose weight spiritually.
It helps you clear your mind and think logically.

By practicing meditation, you tend to become more determined and conscious about your Positive Vibes Onlybody which believe it or not, plays a great role in helping you lose weight.

When you practice meditation, your body’s digestion improves and reduces your tendency to eat foods that are rich in calories.

Stress hormonal imbalances are also the main reasons for weight gain and hormonal imbalances.

By practicing meditation, you bring back the harmony in your body which helps in a great way to lose weight and even if you are underweight, it can help you put on weight.


2) YOGA.

Yoga AnimatedYoga is a very well know spiritual healer and many people have lost weight because of this.

The real reason why yoga can help you with weight loss is because it tends to increase insulin sensitivity which in a way signals your body to burn food for more energy rather than just collect the fat and as a result, you lose weight.

There is great yoga poses you can try out for weight loss and check out the video below for some yoga poses you can perform for reducing belly fat.

Yoga besides from its weight loss benefits also helps you to improve your respiratory functions and also gives you a great amount of energy.

People do feel refreshed after performing yoga.


Food is a comfort for many people out there and they often find eating as the best way to cope with their emotional feelings.
You may not even know you are an emotional eater, unconsciously you may eat when you are at your worst.

Some of you may even eat just because they are bored!
Well, this is something you need to overcome if you want to lose weight (if you are an emotional eater) because this makes all your weight loss efforts go in vain.

To overcome this, you need to be emotionally in control and deal with stress the healthy way.
People who are emotional eaters usually lack emotional support, so they should talk about their feelings and feel better with their friends and family.
Also, don’t stop yourself from eating.

Just eat foods that are healthier and better for staying fit.
If you often go through the problem of feeling bored and eating, you could also try to distract yourself with some work and it is advisable to seek professional help when everything you’ve tried to overcome this on your own doesn’t seem to work.


Many people have problems with the way they look and it is indeed very difficult for them to accept themselves mainly because they are overweight.
People think lowly of themselves and this can be totally dealt with if you learn to accept yourself.
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Do not think negatively of your body in any way and it is okay if you put on a few pounds even after the work you put in.
If you work consistently, you will reap the benefits.

So, just believe in yourself and be determined.
Love yourself for who you are and accept the fact that it’s okay to be this weight and you will achieve the results you want in the future.
Everything will start changing from there onwards.


It is great to get some inspiration for losing weight.
If you have a fitness trainer, you could learn and get inspired from their story or read about the success stories of other people who were in your shoes once in their life and now are in great shape and are happy with their weight!
Inspirational Quote
This has indeed helped many people and helped me too when I was on my journey to losing weight.

When you get inspiration, it also shows you that the results you hope and working for can and will be achieved, it just depends on your determination and the changes in your food habits and having an exercise routine.



  1. I think anyone of any faith could benefit from these great tips!
    We often seem to forget (or ignore) the importance of rest, relaxation, and renewal as part of a healthy lifestyle. Meditation for me has had an immense benefit to my stress levels and in helping me control my food cravings.
    Thanks for getting this information out!

    1. Hi, there!
      Thank you so much 🙂
      Meditation is indeed a great way to relax the mind and is great for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well!
      Have a great day 😀

  2. Great Article! As you say it you have to believe it! And yoga definitely helps, I practice yoga quiet a lot, and i love it. One thing I can tell you that I have never seen an overweight yoga instructor, that just does not happen! I have seen ‘not in shape’ fitness instructors, but not yoga!
    I also heard that breathing techniques can help you, apparently by doing certain breathing excersizes you can really slim down. There are some meditation techniques for that. Although i have never tried that, so can’t really talk about it. Have you heard about that?

    1. Hello, Joana! 🙂
      Thank you so much and yes, yoga is the best way to spiritually lose weight, no doubt.
      Exactly, people who practice yoga on a daily basis are mostly slim and same goes for the people who exercise!
      Yes, there are breathing exercises which help in losing weight. Those include abdominal breathing exercises such as deep breathing, this is also known to burn calories. There are other breathing exercises you can try too.


  3. Great information.

    I am working on a website and I found motivation in a fitness expert. Her story is pretty similar to mine. We have our good and bad days. Nobody is perfect. When I feel discouraged, I see her posts and I get more motivated. It’s
    Better to lose weight when there’s a good support system. A support system that tells you no to wanting to get something bad for your health like fast food desserts.

    1. Hello, Sofia.
      That’s great and you should keep getting motivated to lose weight.
      Stories of people in the real life do help and it’s amazing you’ve found a motivator!


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