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The Effects Of Alcohol On Health

Alcohol Bottles

  • All alcoholic beverages consist of ethyl alcohol and when they are taken in small doses, they cause a person to be in a dreamlike state, become less sociable and have less nervousness.

  • When an individual drinks larger amounts, it can make an individual turn into an alcoholic and can also lead to alcohol abuse. This makes people dependent on alcohol and they count on it for helping them through difficult situations.

  • Find out the effects of alcohol on your body by watching this video:-

    • Alcoholism has destroyed millions of lives and careers all around the globe.
      Drinking and driving is one of the main causes of road accidents and it can also affect the children of alcoholics.

    • There is also an addition of motor difficulties such as the person is not able to walk properly or balance themselves, can’t hear properly and have trouble in solving simple problems and performing simple tasks.

      How much alcohol is too much?

    • There are countries which have their own guidelines on how much an individual should be drinking but the best way to have alcohol is in moderation and if you drink alcohol,  have it occasionally because it can have adverse effects on your health if it is consumed every day and this becomes worse if there is a large amount of intake.

    •  Younger individuals should not have alcohol until they are 18 years and above and adults who are 24 to 30 years old should not consume more than 2 standard drinks a day.

    • Also, people who are underweight and are dependent on other drugs should not have alcoholic beverages. People with chronic hepatitis C who consume more than the adequate amount of intake also give way to harmful effects to their health.

    • Women who are pregnant should also avoid drinking alcohol because it has the potential to cause harmful effects to the baby such as birth defects, premature births, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders as well.

    • If you want to restrict yourself from drinking way too much than the normal amount of intake, then it is highly suggested that you use one the alcohol measuring cups before use.  The units of alcohol in a cup can vary from one to three units depending on the type of alcohol you are drinking.

    • You can use measuring cups such as this one for preventing over drinking.
      They allow you to clearly view the contents and accurately measure the amount of liquid in the cup.

      What happens if I drink too much alcohol?

    • It is said that the amount of alcohol you drink tends to increase your risk of health problems and death. When an individual drinks disproportionate or extreme amounts of alcohol, it can also cause heart attacks.

      Alcoholic Person

    • The main harmful effects of drinking alcohol too much are that it causes liver complications and can also increase the risk of cancer, wreck your nervous system and also cause damage to your brain.

    • There is no amount of alcohol which can be considered “safe” for your health if you drink less, it just reduces your risk of all the health problems that come along with it.
      Alcohol can also cause hallucinations and even be the cause of the decaying of your teeth!

    • When you drink alcohol in excess, it also weakens your immune system which makes it difficult to fight off diseases and other health problems. There is also a higher risk of tuberculosis and pneumonia.

    • Alcoholism can also cause infertility in men and women.
      Women have an increased risk of breast cancer when they consume greater amounts of alcohol.

    • Excessive drinking also tends to make your bones weaker and as a result, your body finds it troublesome to produce new bone. Alcoholism can also cause cramps and make your bones thinner than they should be.

    • The effects of alcohol are different on women than on men.
      Women can be affected by lesser amounts of alcohol when compared to men and this is because both genders have different metabolism mechanisms when it comes to alcohol.

      What can I do to stop drinking excessively?

    • Now that you know about the ill effects of alcohol on health, it is only natural to want to stop drinking excessively.
      These are 5 steps which you can follow for cutting down on excessive drinking :-
    • Keep a record.

      You can keep track of how much alcohol you drink by recording the amount you drank on a particular day. This will also help you understand how much alcohol you need to stop drinking and as a result will help you in controlling the amount you drink.

    • Don’t drink every day.

      In all honesty, there is no safe drinking level of alcohol.
      It has properties which can easily affect your normal functioning and if you want to maintain the healthiest lifestyle, alcohol should not be something you’re drinking often. Have days in your weeks which are strict “no alcohol” days.

    • Find your support system.

      Cutting down on alcohol is certainly not an easy task if you’re an excessive drinker and you must give yourself a pat on the back if you are really serious about stopping. The encouragement you get from your family, friends, therapist, doctor etc can motivate you in a great way and let them in on your progress as well!

    • Stay focused!

      The main reason why people who are trying to control their excessive drinking fail is because of their lack of focus. When you focus on attaining your goal and stay persistent, the end result will be worth it all! Of course, you’ll have some difficulty but when you make it a regular habit, it won’t take long before it becomes a way of life.

    • Don’t let others tempt you.

      Most of the social events you attend in a lifetime may have alcoholic drinks which are served to guests. Even if you’re not much of a drinker, your peers or friends may tempt you to drink for celebrations but don’t let this get in the way of your goal.
      Try your best to stay away from people who love to drink and encourage others to do the same.

      Now that you know the effects of alcohol, I hope you abstain from consuming it in excess and live a healthy life ahead.

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4 thoughts on “The Effects Of Alcohol On Health

  1. Great article on alcohol and your health, I know there are many health issues which alcohol contributes to making them even worse. I noticed it does not take all that much to be over the legal limit , I am sure many people are driving illegally over intoxicated especially on weekends and holidays.

    My neighbor recently retired and has been drinking excessively ever since, he sits on his garden bench and drinks one beer after another everyday. How would someone help someone else who has a drinking problem, this person does not care if he has a problem or not so can you help someone who does not wish to be helped in any way?

    1. Hello, lifebeginswithyourhealth!

      What you can do for an alcoholic who does not want to be helped is that you could talk to them about their habit when they are not upset or disturbed and then you could talk to them in a private place about getting into a formal treatment program. Also, support them and it is better to talk to a proffessional on these matters to help them further.


  2. Great information.

    It is unfortunate some people become dependent on substances to cope with their issues.

    I remember when I was younger, I dealt with my stress after a long work week by drinking until I was totally drunk and had a hangover the next day.

    It wasn’t a great feeling. Getting that drunk doesn’t resolve your problems. It may cover it for a certain amount of time, but once you are back to a sober state, that problem is still there.

    I don’t remember the last time I drank alcohol. I rarely drink alcohol now.


    1. Thank you, Sofia.
      We’re glad you have your drinking under control now!

      Anam Suhail & Syed Suhail Ahmed.

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