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Ishake Model 020 Shaker Bottle 500 ml – REVIEW.


  • What are the benefits of this product? 
  • BEST FOR MIXING : Since protein shakes tend to be lumpy, it becomes important to mix them well. This shaker eliminates powdered lumps completely because of it’s scientifically designed power mixer/strainer.

  • ANTI-LEAKAGE : Many bottles out there have a problem with leakage, you won’t have to worry about that with this product. It is durable, BPA free and absolutely leakage free. 
  • EASY TO CLEAN : The number one problem people have with bottles is their cleanliness. With the Ishake Shaker, you won’t have to worry about that because it is designed with an easy to open lid and advanced design makes it very easy to clean and carry as well. 
  • THRESHOLD : One of the main concerns people have is how much the bottle can actually hold. This product has a 500 ml capacity and is perfect for keeping hydrated while exercising and outdoor activities. 
  • APPEARANCE : It comes with an easily understandable and compact design that makes the bottle overall very easy to use. The bottle has a modernized design that comes in beautiful colors.


  • Why should you get this today?

  • The top 4 reasons you should get a shaker bottle today are:- 
  • ON THE GO-NUTRITON : You could be anywhere and a shaker would be the most reliable source of carrying nutritious drinks and is super easy to carry around. 
  • EASY ON YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM : With a shaker to sip from, you can let your digestive system chill for a bit. It does the mixing job for you by getting rid of any lumps in your drinks. 
  • HAS A STORAGE COMPARTMENTThe best part about this bottle is that its uses go beyond the protein world. You can not only store protein in this for shaking on demand but can also mix up salad dressings and whatever needs a good shake! 
  • WORTH THE BUY With a product whose uses vary in so many ways, it truly does make the shaker bottles a good investment. Getting a high-quality shaker can vamp up your gym experience for sure!

    So, what are you waiting for?
    Get yourself your very own shaker today:-


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