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Is organic food better for you? – TOP 5

organic foods

    • We hear lots of things about organic food all the time.
      So, why do people consider buying organic food a lot?

    • Today, let’s dive into the deeper aspects of organic food and understand why organic food is the right choice. 

    • What are the main reasons buying organic is beneficial? 
  • say no to gmo1) Most people who buy organic food buy it for health benefits. Organic food is definitely better in terms of purity since it is kept away from pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

  • apples picture 2) Organic food tastes way better than the regular store bought products because the fruits and vegetables are cultivated in good healthy soil and are nurtured in a perfectly natural way, which keeps the plants strong.

  • 3) Some organic foods are known to be richer in nutrients and are known to be healthier as well because of their health benefits salicylic acid content and studies have also shown that vegetables and fruits that are organic have more iron and vitamin C. 

  • 4) Organic food is also known to improve the functioning of the immunegerms system and improve heart health. The high quantity of minerals and vitamins in organic food reduces the decline of the immune system and it also consists of heart-healthy fatty acids that protect the heart. 

  • 5) A study found that organic food tends to have more omega -3 fatty acids happy animalsin it and thus, is a better choice when it comes to caring for your overall health and getting the nutrients you don’t get in an appropriate amount from regular store-bought food. The animals raised organically are way healthier and happier and this contributes to the quality of the food. 

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