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Is coffee good for health?



  • Many of us are crazy about coffee! We look at it as a way to feel fresh in the mornings, stay awake while doing some really important work at night and so much more. Whatever the reason may be, many of us are coffee addicts up to a point it makes us question if it’s really healthy or not.
  • Research has shown that coffee has enough health benefits to make it an everyday beverage. Coffee is known for its health benefits and to actually overdose on coffee, a person has to drink at least over a 100 cups which is nearly impossible!
  • Now, let’s talk about why coffee is good for health

  • 1) It is good for your memory.brain picture

  • Coffee is known to make our skills of grasping information better and has a positive effect on our brain cells. It may make you smarter as it does increase alertness and help you focus better.

  • 2) Helps the body stay energized.Animated Woman

  • Studies have shown that caffeine is a good option for people who want to keep exercising for a longer period of time and perform heavier exercises.
  • Although this is only effective if caffeine is taken in the right amount because drinking more can actually decrease your performance. Up to 400mg, a day is known as a safe amount for adults.

  • 3) Keeps you away from diseasesSick Woman

  • Coffee is known to keep people away from diseases like Alzheimer’s, various liver diseases, depression, over 5 types of cancer, diabetes etc. This is mainly because coffee consists of antioxidants that clean out the toxins from our bodies.

  • 4) Helps you lose weight.Belly Black And White

  • Coffee can also help in increasing your metabolism which acts as a major factor in losing weight.
  • Studies show that caffeine has the potential to help us lose weight and it gives us the energy to perform exercises better too.

  • 5) Lowers the risk of death.Live Longer

  • Studies have shown that coffee can actually decrease the risk of early death since it is loaded with antioxidants and is very beneficial to our health. Antioxidants strengthen our immune system and protect our body.
  • Coffee is known to consist of chlorogenic acid which opposes any damage to the DNA. However, it is important to drink coffee in moderation because too much coffee can make you feel restless and even increase heart rate.

  • How much coffee is too much?Coffee

  • Here, your genes play an important role! You might have heard of people who consume caffeine whilst staying awake to complete some important work and on the other hand, there are people who feel sleepy after they drink coffee.
  • People who have inherited the fast metabolizers from their genes will metabolize coffee four times faster when compared to the slow metabolizers.
  • A study showed that when the slow metabolizers consumed four or more cups of caffeine, they actually had an increased risk of heart attack whereas the fast metabolizers had no risk at all!
  • Therefore, the genetic makeup of an individual is important in determining how much coffee is too much.

  • Coffee is better consumed 6 hours before bedtime as it is known to have negative effects on sleep. Also, if you deal with problems such as high blood pressure, do ask your doctor if the consumption of caffeine is safe as it does raise blood pressure for some time.

    Coffee Cup

  • Also, the coffee you ingest doesn’t necessarily have to only be bad for your sleep if taken near bedtime but it is also said that coffee taken at any time of the day can cause sleeplessness. Older adults are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine.

  • Lady Drinking CoffeeFor daily intake, 300mg of the average brewed coffee is considered a moderate amount
    and is healthy. However, drinking more than that can cause undesirable side effects which are very unhealthy.
  • For example:- Drinking more than the moderate amount of caffeine can discharge stress hormones such as epinephrine, cortisol, and norepinephrine.
    This can cause our blood pressure to rise. Up to 600 mg of caffeine can result in tremors, restlessness, irritability and even cause stomach ache.

  • Many regular coffee drinkers complain of headaches when they skip coffee and some even find it difficult to concentrate without their regular caffeine.
    This happens because when we stop consuming caffeine, the body becomes sensitive to adenosine and our blood vessels dilate.
    Coffee And Green Tea Cups
  • A way you can get rid of your caffeine addiction step by step is by switching to green tea. It does contain caffeine but at significantly lower levels.
    This can be a good way to slow down your craving for coffee if you feel you are too dependent on it.
    Other options include switching to herbal tea, eating healthy, exercising etc.

  • Research has also shown that caffeine can help you live longer but again, caffeine can also affect you differently based on your age.
    Individuals older than 55 may actually have a higher risk of death than compared to younger people if they drink more than 3 cups every day.

    Coffee Time

  • Other than that, coffee is also good for fiber consumption since a single cup can consist of up to 1.8 of fiber. Black coffee also benefits your teeth since it can be very useful for the prevention of cavities.

    Decaf Picture

  • Summing up all the information, you may wonder if decaf is a safer option.
    Even though it may look like decaf is better, many studies have shown that caffeinated coffee is, in fact, better. This is because the antioxidants of coffee remain when it is not decaf and thus, that makes it healthier.

  • Sois drinking coffee good for our health?Cute Sheep Toys With Coffee

  • Drinking coffee is definitely good for our health but we should only drink it in moderation.
    If you cannot control your consumption, it is better to switch to something less caffeinated to overcome your addiction.
  • Coffee helps us prevent many unwanted diseases and is overall a good beverage!
    If you are looking for weight loss, black coffee is the way to go since it is lower in calories.


12 thoughts on “Is coffee good for health?

  1. You know here in Italy people are crazy about coffee, I personally can’t start my day without a cup of coffee and a brioche.

    I did not know that coffee was this healthy! like I know that it was good to improve focus but did not know it could help prevent diseases and stuff like that.

    I like your writing style your post looks beautiful and very engaging!

    The is the first post that encouraged to read it with attention. I will say every engaging.

    Good work !

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Anis. 🙂
      We’re glad you liked it.

      Coffee is, in fact, this healthy and we’re glad we could provide you with that information.

      Do stay tuned for more!

      Anam Suhail & Syed Suhail Ahmed.

  2. Great article and I’m glad to know caffeinated coffee is better than decaf!
    I was wondering, like many people, we use a Keurig brewer. It is set at the middle position. But it has several settings above and below the middle.
    Do you know if varying the setting adds or subtracts caffeine? Or does it stay the same regardless of brewing method?

    1. Thank you so much!

      According to what we know of the Keurig Brewer, the 2.0 version has a ‘strong’ button which causes an increase in the brewing time.

      It is also possible to reduce the amount of caffeine in your coffee by changing the brewing method.

      For detailed information, do ask the Keurig Customer Service as they can guide you better!

      Anam Suhail & Syed Suhail Ahmed.

  3. Well it’s good to know that I’d need to drink at least 100 cups of coffee before I overdose on caffeine. I love coffee, but I’ll never drink anything like that much.

    Wow, after reading through all the benefits you list I’ll likely live another 100 years! But seriously, I always figured coffee had some positives, but I never realised just how many or how important some of them actually are.

    This is great to know. I think I’ll indulge even more often.

    1. Thank you so much, Darren! 🙂
      We’re glad you liked the information.

      Coffee really does have so many benefits and it is safe to drink everyday.
      Stay tuned for more!

      Anam Suhail & Syed Suhail Ahmed.

  4. Cofee is such a difficult topic to talk about when it comes to nutrition, yet you did a pretty good job reviewing most of the positives.
    A qucik question though – I recently reviewed tea myself as a solution, and pretty much everything you listed here would apply to tea, some specific types might even hold certain advantages over coffee!
    What is your opinion?

    1. Thank you so much, Vlad.

      Which beverage is better really depends on how you feel it’s effects.
      If you can’t cope with the effects of one… it would be better to go for the other.
      Both are healthy beverages and taste also plays a major role.

      Anam Suhail & Syed Suhail Ahmed.

  5. This is a interesting acticle, giving me so much knowledges that i’ve never known before…..

    I don’t drink coffee, i prefer warm water with lemon juice. but aftering reading your article, i am amazed by so much benefits the coffee has, and even good for weight lossing! so i decide to try some black coffee this morning!!
    Next time, maybe you can introduce some coffees you like, and i will give it a try.


    1. Thank you so much, Shailie.
      We’re glad you liked it and will write a product review of some good coffee brands out there.
      Stay tuned for more!

      Anam Suhail & Syed Suhail Ahmed.

  6. You know, I heard so much about how coffee is bad, yet most of those excuses seem to be around caffeine.

    I actually researched the topic myself and discovered that coffee does the body plenty good – yet most of its positive traits can be found in certain types of tea.

    What are your thoughts?

    1. Hello, Vlad.

      Coffee is certainly a very beneficial beverage and tea does have some of its healthful ingredients.
      However, a person can go with what suits them the best, in my opinion.

      None should be taken too much and coffee, especially, should not be taken close to bedtime.

      Anam Suhail.

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