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How to stay full during weight loss – TOP 5 TIPS.

Man losing weight

    • Most of us looking for weight loss find it difficult to neglect the urge to eat. Either, food is on your mind all the time during your weight loss journey or you just give in and eat a few extra calories.

    • There are tons of articles that tell you how you can lose weight but what should you do when you’re just starting to lose weight and find it difficult to curtail the urge to eat high-calorie foods?

    • Don’t worry, there are tons of things you can do to resist that urge. Today, I present to you, my TOP 5 tips for staying full during your weight loss journey and how you can lose weight as well.

    • It won’t take long before eating fewer calories becomes a habit once you do it every single day. Healthy eating should be a lifestyle that you continue throughout life and now without further ado, here are my TOP 5 tips:-


    • It might be hard to do at first but it is important to remind yourself to not eat those extra calories you’re craving because it is crucial to your weight loss.

    • Get busy with work and don’t let food anywhere near you!
      Even lose weight now food pictures or videos are very likely to increase your hunger. So, keep your thoughts clear of food and focus instead on your goal weight.

    • This might be more of an emotional step but it is important to understand that without the right mindset, no one ever achieves anything and the same ideology goes for weight loss. 

    • Everyone knows that the fibers and proteins in our diet are important but they become the most eaten food group while people are counting calories is because of their numerous health and weight loss properties.

      eggs and meat
    • Fibres are great for weight loss because they have nutrients that not only help us stay full longer but they also protect you from heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc. However, it is always safe to check the requirement of intake of fiber by age. Moderation is key.

    • Proteins are great for us because they help build muscle and give you strength to carry on with the rest of your exercises, especially if you’re doing heavy intense exercises.

    • 3) START GYMING!

    • Going to the gym makes you exercise regularly and fasten your metabolic rate. As much as we’ve heard stories of people saying how they feel hungry after exercising, this doesn’t always have to be the case.
      Gyming Girl With Weights
  • Frequent exercise can actually train your brain to curb hunger! Sounds great, doesn’t it? It definitely is. Studies have shown that exercise helps strengthen the brain and produces results that slightly curb the hunger hormone.
  • Besides, staying consistent with a goal helps you stay focused and achieve results faster. Your mindset is very important in your weight loss journey and the gym definitely aids that.

  • Green tea is definitely one of the holy grail products of weight loss and truly does help in suppressing unwanted hunger because of its effect on the dopamine and catechins which also help in reducing the growth of fat cells.
    green tea cup
  • It also helps stabilize your blood sugar levels. However, you must consume green tea in moderation and it is best taken between bites of food while you’re eating or after you’re done with your meal.

  • Another great way green tea helps us lose weight is because of its flavonoids as they elevate the metabolic rate and it also contains a fair amount of antioxidants. 

  •  5EAT RIGHT.

  • Now that we’ve covered how we shouldn’t be thinking about food 24/7 when we’re trying to lose weight, what about the time when we do have to eat?
    balanced diet
  • The secret key to losing weight and maintaining it is to eat food that is nutrient dense and provides your body with enough health benefits that keep you full and also, helps you function better.

  • Remember, you are the food you eat and the more proportionate and conscious you are with your food, the more your body strives towards providing you with a better system. 

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