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How to choose healthier food | TOP 10

Healthy Food

  • With the numerous amount of junk food around us, it becomes important to eat healthier food and maintain a lifestyle that promotes great health to combat obesity. 
  • Eating healthier food is easier than we think it is if we learn how to integrate it into our lifestyle. Eating healthier doesn’t necessarily only apply to people who are trying to shed a few pounds but research has also shown that people with a poor diet but healthy weight can also be liable to health risks. 
  • So, this makes it important for all of us to eat healthy food and then make it a part of our lifestyle!

    How should I choose healthier options for my diet?

  • To make it easier to integrate into your lifestyle, here are my top 10 ways you can eat healthier food:-

  • Proteins are essential for a healthy diet as they play an important Red Meat Lean Proteinrole in building our muscles, blood, skin etc. 
  • For people who want to lose weight, proteins do help us in feeling feel full and this, of course, helps us eat lesser calories than we usually do. 
  • Why lean proteins are a better choice is because they are not filled with fats like most of the regular protein foods we eat.
    Chicken breasts (skinless), turkey etc are some great lean proteins which are good for us.


  • Now, when people hear about controlling their portion sizes, it is mostly assumed that they should only be eating healthy food in controlled portions and junk food should not be touched!Portion Control  
  • However, we all know that having a cheat day after days of beneficial exercising is allowed. 
  • So, when you eat controlling your portions the first time, you might not feel full or satisfied and that’s when you should just eat fruit or some veggies at the end of a meal in case you still feel hungry. Remember, the key is to stay full while eating healthy food.


  • Whole grains consist of minerals, fibers, and vitamins which can help us a lot in staying full and thus, are a very important part of a healthy diet.
    Whole Grains
  • The dietary fiber obtained from whole grains helps us reduce the risk of diseases related to the heart, the levels of blood cholesterol, constipation and even obesity. They are also known to be good for the immune system because they contain zinc. 
  • Some additional benefits of eating whole grains are that they also help in reducing the risk of asthma and may also help you live a longer life. So, whole grains are a must for eating a healthier diet.


  • While most of our foods require salt for flavor, it is important to note that too Salt Picture much salt is bad for our health.

  • The amount of salt we’re allowed to eat every day as recommended by The American Heart Association is only 1.5 grams and we all know that most of us do eat more than the recommended amount which should be reduced. 
  • When we reduce our salt intake and eat only the recommended amount, it can help our body function better, lowers the risk of heart disease and also reduces blood pressure.
    So, make sure to reduce your intake of salt if it’s above the recommended intake.


  • Having those colorful veggies and fruits (the rainbow) on your plate not only gives your body disease-fighting phytonutrients but we eventually do want to eat food that looks good too!
    Rainbow Of Fruits And Vegetables
  • This way your food isn’t boring and gives you the essential nutrients needed by your body too!
    When you choose the rainbow over junk food, it definitely helps in losing weight too. 
  • Eating our greens (broccoli, cucumber, avocado etc) can help us improve our eyesight, red’s (watermelon, strawberries, apples etc) help us reduce inflammation and also promote heart health, purples (eggplant, grapes, onion etc) benefits our immune system, white’s (cabbage, potato, mushroom etc) supports healthy bones, yellow’s (banana, carrot, lemon) increase our antioxidant intake and keep our skin healthy.


  • Fats are essential for providing our body with energy and nutrients that are needed by us. When people start eating healthy food, they mainly want to cut down on a number of fats they are having but it is important to Avocado High Fat Food understand which type of fats are good or bad for us. 
  • The fats we should keep away from especially if we’re trying to lose weight are trans fats and saturated fats because they have the highest amount of cholesterol. 
  • Fats which are good for us are monosaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats.
    They can help us decrease our blood cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation and risk of heart disease.


  • When you’re at the grocery store, choose only the healthy and nutritious foods.carrots-corn-peas-and-a-fork-on-a-plate
    The more you prevent yourself from buying foods that are unhealthy and switch to healthier options, it will make you healthier. 
  • So, don’t buy unhealthy food in the first place. The lesser you surround yourself with it, the better! Instead, go for unprocessed and natural foods such as organic fruits and vegetables. 
  • Also, choosing whole grain items can provide you with fiber which is good for your body and you some small protein snacks, you could buy some nuts, beans etc.


  • If you’re smart enough, you know I’m talking about having only the healthy kind of snacks! They can be a really good source of nutrition Granola Bar Picture for you and will also satisfy your craving for a little snack. 
  • Some of the healthy snacks you could try out are granola bars, yogurt, nuts or just some really juicy fruits! You could also try some healthy vegan options. 
  • Just for those times, you’re feeling extra creative, you can also try various recipes on the internet. By choosing healthy snacks, you make smart choices which helps you stay healthy while enjoying it too!


  • Instead of buying canned foods, choose frozen fruits because they tend to store more nutrients and that makes them better for our health and saying no to canned foods becomes more important if they have added preservatives.

    Canned Food Picture
  • It has also been found that canned veggies and fruits are cooked more than frozen fruits to stop bacteria formation in the cans and most cans also use a BPA Liner which is harmful. 
  • Foods in cans do have airtight packaging which does keep most of the nutrients in but why take the trouble of checking which canned foods are okay to consume knowing that they do have the potential to do harm?
    So, I recommend sticking to frozen fruits instead of canned foods. 
  • However, if fresh fruits aren’t at your disposal, it’s okay to have canned foods but I would still advise you to not consume them for a long time.


  • If you have the habit of having a drink with your meal or even after it, then it’s time to make water your best friend by drinking it instead of Lime Water Picture those soft or sugary drinks you are used to consuming with your food. 
  • Water is a 0 calorie drink and helps us in losing weight which obviously your beloved soda doesn’t! It can also reduce your appetite if you drink enough of it (16 oz.) before a meal. 
  • If you’re like me, you just need some flavorful liquid to go with your food and the best thing to do in this situation is to add lime or a very little quantity of 100% fruit juice.
    You can also try some recipes on the internet for flavored healthy water. 


  • If you have any questions or suggestions, comment below.

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