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How to boost metabolism for losing weight | TOP 10

  • Metabolism is the process which helps our body convert our food and drink intake BMR Picture into energy. It is a highly significant process for all living things on this planet.

  • In terms of losing weight, the faster your metabolism runs, the quicker your body finds it easy to burn calories.

  • A healthy metabolism provides us with many benefits that keep us fit and healthy. When we have a great metabolism, it provides us with long-term weight loss benefits that no diet in the world can provide!

  • Additionally, a high metabolic rate helps us get rid of toxins in our body, rejuvenates our skin, improves blood circulation, boosts our immune system and even puts us in a good mood! 

  • How do you boost metabolism for losing weight?
  • There are many steps you can take to increase your metabolism and the TOP 10 ways you can achieve that are:-
  • GET ENOUGH EXERCISE:-Exercising Girl Weights

  • You probably knew this one!
    It isn’t hard to understand that we need enough exercise to lose weight but to achieve a formula for permanent weight loss, we definitely do need a high metabolic rate and exercise provides us with just that.

  • The energy we use while exercising, in turn, helps us lose calories. Exercises that require high energy and workouts that increasing your strength are highly beneficial for increasing your metabolic rate.

  • EAT THE OMEGA 3’s:-Omega 3 Pills Shaped Like A Fish
  • When we eat our Omega 3’s, they help us in controlling our metabolism because of their ability to decrease inflammation and balance our blood sugar.

  • They also help us in burning fat calories every day and many people consume tuna, sardines, mackerel, fish oil, flaxseeds etc to get their Omega 3’s. People also consume Omega 3 fish oil supplements which have various benefits as well. 

  • EAT AVOCADO:-Avocado Healthy Bowl
  • Avocado consists of monosaturated fats that enhance metabolism and provide you with an amazing energy boost that keeps you going throughout the day.

  • They also provide our body with protein, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and even amino acids which are very healthy for us and are super useful for the people who are trying to lose weight too! 

  • GO GREEN! Green Tea Cup
  • There are many benefits of green tea and one of the greatest benefits is that it helps in boosting metabolism!

  • Additionally, it helps us in losing weight as green tea increases the fat burning properties in our body and is low in calories as well.

  • Some people also prefer Oolong tea for increasing their metabolic rate.

  • EAT ORGANIC FOOD:- Organic Apple Picture
  • Consuming organic food becomes increasingly important as it keeps us away from pesticides and other toxins in our food that lead to weight gain.
  • Apples are the most bought organic foods because of their metabolism boosting properties and various benefits. Organic food can definitely be more expensive but it’s far better than keeping our health at the expense of foods filled with pesticides! 

  • DRINK WATER:-Drinking Water Glass Picture
  • Doing something as simple as drinking water can actually help you boost your metabolic rate.

  • Cold water is also known to raise our metabolism by 50 calories if we drink 6 cups every day.

  • It has also been noticed that dehydration leads to the slowing down of our metabolic rate by 3%. 

  • HAVE LENTILS:-Lentils Daal Chana
  • Consuming iron is very important for our body as it helps in the making of oxygen-carrying red blood cells and also helps in boosting metabolism.

  • Lentils are a superb source of iron and they also help our body produce something called cholecystokinin which suppresses our appetite naturally and thus, aids weight loss. 

  • EAT DRY FRUITS:-Raisin Dry Fruits
  • The best dry fruits for boosting metabolism are pistachios, walnuts, brazil nuts and almonds.

  • Pistachios contain vitamin B6, walnuts consist of omega 3 fatty acids, brazil nuts have selenium in them and almonds have magnesium and vitamin E, all are which are very useful in boosting metabolism. 

  • EAT SPICY FOOD!Spicy Salad
  • Consuming spicy food is known to increase our metabolism by 8 percent which is over the normal rate of metabolism but these changes are also known to be temporary.

  • However, spicy food does help you cut down calories because of its ability to burn fat. Spices such as black pepper, capsaicin, ginger etc are known to increase your metabolism.

  • SAVOUR CHOCOLATEDark Chocolate Picture
  • Dark chocolate consists of flavonoids that can help increase metabolism because of their abilities to relieve stress. However, it is important to eat only a moderate amount which is 1.5 ounces as recommended by researchers.

  • It can also help you feel full for longer periods of time because dark chocolate has the ability to slow down your digestion and this may help you prevent calories for your next meal. 




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