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How junk food affects your health | TOP 5

Burger And Fries


  • Many of us are junk food fanatics and it isn’t hard to understand why.
    It just tastes so delicious… way better than a salad? A burger or pizza look so tempting in the pictures and they surely do taste better, right? Many of you will say yes willingly.
  • We, humans, are creatures who seek comfort and perceive the taste of different foods in a variety of ways. We often turn to junk food for comfort because it makes us feel better and then it may turn into a habit which is harmful to our health.
  • Junk food is especially harmful when it is processed or has an additional amount of sugar, fats, carbohydrates etc because they decrease the amount of good cholesterol in our body.

  • So, what are the top 5 ways junk food affects our health

  • Junk food affects us way more than we think it does and there are many long-term effects as well. The top 5 ways are:-
  • 1) MAKES US EVEN HUNGRIER:-Fat Girl Eating Junk Food Animated

  • When we consume a great deal of processed and fried foods, we confuse our brains by sending it mixed signals which can make it difficult for our brain to understand how hungry we are and this may, in turn, result in overeating.
  • Research has also found that fast food, in the first place, is designed to make us feel hungrier and this makes the various food chains around the world make tons of profits because we’re constantly back for more!

  • 2) CAUSE CHRONIC ILLNESS:-Sick Woman Sneezing

  • When we eat processed foods, we miss out on many nutrients gained from eating healthy foods that are essential for living healthy such as calcium, potassium, vitamin A, iron etc.
  • Food like refined carbohydrates (waffles, breakfast cereal etc) can cause insulin resistance in our bodies which is a common factor for chronic diseases especially type 2 diabetes.
    When dealing with insulin resistance, our body’s blood sugar rises.

  • 3) CAN AFFECT MEMORY:-Brain Picture Animated

  • Research has also found that junk food could affect memory and increase the risk of dementia because of the rise in cholesterol and blood pressure in the body which disturbs the supply of blood to the brain.
  • When we continue eating trans fat to a great extent, they have the potential to damage our neurons which interfere with the ability of the brain to remain healthy.

  • 4) CAUSES DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS:-Digestive System Picture

  • Since junk food is usually fried, it may also cause gastroesophageal reflux disease. This happens because the oil found in junk foods can lead to an increase in the production of acid in our stomach.
  • A healthy digestive system exists because of a healthy diet and when we lack an appropriate amount of dietary fiber, it causes constipation.
    To stay away from this, we need enough fiber in our diet which cannot be provided by junk foods.

  • 5) CAN CAUSE STRESS:-Stressed Woman

  • When we consume a lot of fat, it can increase our stress levels and lead to diseases related to the liver, heart etc.
  • Also, there are many people who turn to junk food for comfort when they are stressed and this leads to obesity. 
  • If you are an emotional eater, you know how food plays an important role in the way you cope with stress.
    This is quite common and researchers have also linked stress to overeating. 
  • One way to control emotional eating is by eating only when we truly feel hungry. This is also a good way to control weight.

  • What can we do to control our urge of eating too much junk food?

  • Now that we know the top 5 effects of junk food on our health, some ways we can control the urge to eat too much of it are:-

  • When you stop yourself from buying Person Buying Healthy Food junk food, in a way you make yourself see less of it in your surroundings and that can have a greater impact than you think it can.
  • Most of us will eat junk food mostly because it is in our surroundings or just because we saw an ad or a picture somewhere.
  • So, try your best to exclude junk food from your surroundings and buy as much as healthy food as possible.

  • PLANNED MEALS:-Food Clock

  • When we have planned meals, we already know what we’re about to eat and that helps us stick to a healthy diet plan.  This way, our mind does not think specifically about eating junk food and we don’t have to keep asking ourselves what we should eat.
  • Making this a long term activity and integrating it into our lifestyles helps us live a healthier life.


  • When we think of eating healthy food every day, Love Healthy Food we think of steamed vegetables and other varieties which are not as tasty as our beloved burger or pizza!
    However, this is not necessarily true.
  • Healthy food can be as good as junk food or even better!
    There are so many recipes you can try which will make the transition from junk to healthy food easier than ever!

  • Some great recipe books you should definitely try out are:-


9 thoughts on “How junk food affects your health | TOP 5

  1. What a great article and reminder how bad junk food can affect can the body in so many ways. I for one get caught up in this cycle especially with the kind of work I do. Late nights are devastating as well. The quick energy that junk food can provide is not worth the devastation it can cause us.

    Great job!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, Robert.
      I’m glad you liked it.

      Healthy food definitely provides so much more energy and it’s just so beneficial to our health.
      Plus, using the recipe books, we can make it taste great too!

      It’s about time people made that transition from junk food to healthy food in their lives!

      Stay tuned for more.


  2. Hello Suhail
    I love the way you have explained so well how junk food affects health.As unhealthy as they are, they are at times not easy to avoid.
    I try not to eat junk food, but weekends, escape is hard, after a long working week, I do feel I need to reward myself, after a night out, im too tired to cook, again some unhealthy food.
    As You pointed out, junk food does not even keep people full over a long period of time, you eat and soon you are ready for another round.
    The salts and sugar in these foods is not good for health either but I guess there is still a long way to go till people can learn to plan and eat healthy meals.
    I did not know junk food can affect memory, thanks for this new info.
    I have really enjoyed your post, thanks so much for sharing, looking to read more from you in the future.

    1. Hello, Roamy!
      Thank you so much for commenting.

      Yes, it is okay to have junk food sometimes and we don’t have to completely cut it out of our lives but it shouldn’t be our main go to food! That’s where the transition phase kicks in if we do have it as our main food.

      I’m glad you liked it!
      Stay tuned for more.


  3. Awesome read Ahmed. It reminds me of my best friend in elementary school who loved junk food very much. During visiting days, my parents would bring me cooked food and lots of and fruits while my friend got lots of processed food. I cant lie, i was jealous. But in a matter of two years my friend stared experiencing complications as a result of obesity. I realized the food was the problem so i resolved to talk to him and help him reform. This article informs people what it took my friend 10 years to learn

    1. Hello!

      Thank you so much for commenting.
      I’m glad you could find the information I’ve provided here useful.

      Stay tuned for more.
      More information like this is on the way.


  4. Hi, What a great article, so interesting and informative,really want to read more but i came to the end.
    I love the way you have detailed all the bad things that junk food does to your body>
    I never knew about the dementia,that plays a big part in my family as my father has vascular dementia, too late for him unfortunately:( but not for me.
    I am going to try your recipes.
    Is it true that pineapple is really good for you ?if so do you know what the goodness does? Thank you again, very interesting to read.

    1. Hello, Sharoncl.

      Thank you so much!
      We’re glad you liked it

      Pineapple is good for us because it’s a good source of manganese and Vitamin C.
      It has many other benefits too and it’s also good for people who want to lose weight because pineapple is a great source of dietary fiber.

      The main things pineapple is good for is our digestion and antioxidant protection.

      Stay tuned for more articles coming your way!

      Anam Suhail & Syed Suhail Ahmed.

  5. Im grateful for the article. Cool.

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