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Healthy Habits That Make You Fat | TOP 5

  • There are many habits which we may have formed thinking that these are particularly “healthy” and will help us keep in shape. You may find people around you following these habits on a daily basis and may even be among them!
  • What you are about to find out is that not all habits that we consider good for health are Running Shadow Woman actually healthy and some of them which we follow on a daily basis may even make us gain weight!
  • This may sound alarming to many of you reading this and now let’s get down to the part where I tell you about those habits which are considered “healthy” but really aren’t.
    Given below, are the top 5:-

  • Sounds weird, doesn’t it?
    Fitness Character Animated Even though we may think that exercising burns a lot of fat, the truth is that if we only exercise and don’t control what we’re eating, then it is very inefficient.
  • You need to make changes in your diet and also consume lesser calories than you burn.
    Once that is done and the assumption of ” only exercise will balance my weight” is removed from one’s mind….. you are on the right track for the weight loss journey!
  • Also, exercising is the most effective when it is performed properly and setting a routine for exercising helps you stay organized as well as on track.

  • NO FAT!

  • Many people who are serious about losing weight think that the more they do away with fats, the more they get to lose weight! Junk food is an absolute NO for the serious dieters out there.
  • What we need to realize is that good fats are important for us and we cannot simply stop Healthy Fats Avocado consuming them to lose weight. Your body get’s nutrition from these fats as well.
    Good fats include fish, cheese etc. and the bad fats are junk food which is bad for you.
  • People on diets may also tend to consume the low-fat products which are found in stores or low-fat meals but even those products consist of sugar and they don’t aid weight loss.
    Eating good fats such as avocados,  peanut butter, flax seed, tofu, olive oil etc is very useful for losing weight.


  • Many people often believe that filling their plates with the healthiest stuff is the best thing ever for weight loss. What they fail to understand here is that they have to keep a limit on whatever they eat and should not eat large amounts even if it is healthy food.

    Plate Filled With Veggies

  • Food eaten in great amounts leads to weight gain. So, even though you eat healthy food
    such as chicken, avocado, oatmeal etc, it will make you gain weight if you don’t control the portions.
  • A healthy diet keeping in consideration portion control should consist of vegetables, grains, protein and a tiny bit of fat. Also, consuming iron and magnesium, can boost your immune system and try to eat a nutritious meal so that there aren’t any deficiencies in your body.


  • Now, this is shocking for many people out there because you may think that how possibly can I put on weight with water when I’ve heard that it’s a 0 calorie drink?
    Well, water consists of chemicals that have the potential to cause weight gain!

    Glass Of Water

  • Water is essential for every human being and we obviously cannot do away with it.
    However, recent studies done by PLoS ONE have shown that the bottled water we drink consists of chemical bisphenol which can make the body create more fat.
  • Water is a 0 calorie drink and it isn’t normal to be putting on a lot of weight because of consuming it and if this is the case, you should be talking to your doctor.
    People who mostly gain weight because of water have health problems such as kidney disease at the end stage or problems involving the heart.

  • A FEW Z’S!Sleeping Emoji

  • It is very important for us to get our beauty sleep and when we sleep 5 hours or even lesser every night, it does not give our body enough time to repair our blood vessels.
    The people who sleep 8 hours every night do not put on weight like the ones who sleep lesser.
  • We should all keep in mind that oversleeping is an anti-calorie burner and at the same time when we are not able to get a proper amount of sleep, it can make our metabolism sluggish and this is also bad for weight loss.
  • To maintain a good amount of weight, you should get six to seven hours sleep every day and going to bed early also help’s you get up earlier and feel fresh!
    Therefore, GET ENOUGH SLEEP!

  • Thus, we should look at which habits are actually healthy for us and which ones claim to be healthy but aren’t or they may even be unhealthy!
    To learn more about what a healthy lifestyle means, CLICK HERE!
    Red And Green Apples
  • Having healthy food is also very important for living a healthy lifestyle and to learn about the benefits of incorporating the perfect food into your lifestyle, CLICK HERE! 

6 thoughts on “Healthy Habits That Make You Fat | TOP 5

  1. I am always looking at ways to keep the weight and fat off my body. I did just read an article that said just what you did. Exercise is not enough! I’ve seen people be so diligent about their exercise and then reward themselves with an ice cream or cookie… and then wonder why the pounds don’t fall off. I don’t have the problem of over-exercising. I have the dusty equipment in the basement to prove it. I know it has everything to do with what you put into your body.
    So many people are deceived that they are doing good things for themselves by consuming low-fat, natural, sugar-free etc. foods. I’m glad you included this in your list.
    The water part was news. I knew it wasn’t good to drink water from plastic that has been heated (left in a hot car, microwave etc. I have a filter for water in my sink.
    I’m sure this is a popular topic because everywhere you look it’s aba, abs, abs 🙂 Thanks for revealing the top 5!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Robin. 🙂
      The main reason people don’t succeed in losing weight is because they don’t make changes to their diets.
      Even if you do not want to try out hardcore exercises, you can still go jogging, walking or even cycling and lose weight!


  2. Hi,
    Very informative post!

    I agree with you on the topics you chose to discuss.
    People who exercise but eat junk food cancels out pretty much what they exercised.

    I used to choose the low fat foods but when I realized it wasn’t doing much for me, I decided to choose the whole foods rather than prepackaged foods.

    Water is very beneficial to weight loss. What do you think of filtered water systems? Is there any health related effects on them?

    I love to sleep. On weekends, I know I get my eight hours. During the week, I may get 6-7 hours depending on if I am working or not. I agree, your body needs time to heal.


    1. Hello, Sofia.

      Water filter systems are great for drinking pure water and I have one at my place too.
      I would recommend ro water purifier since I use that too!
      Nice to hear from you.

      Anam Suhail & Syed Suhail Ahmed.

  3. Wow, I really got tons of info from this article. I have been trying to eat healthy for over a year. At first I was trying to get away from as much fat as possible, bought tons of low fat products! like milk, and others. But as you said, it’s true that good fat actually is really good for us. I feel it’s more about the balance, variety of healthy food. And small portion too!

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Andrew.
      We’re glad you liked it.

      Anam Suhail & Syed Suhail Ahmed.

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