:-Lunge Man Animated
Standing Still Lunge
1) Walking Lunges:-

– With your shoulder width apart, stand tall.
– Bend your front knee to a 90-degree angle till your thighs are almost parallel to the ground, do this after you take a step forward.
– Bend your back knee while bringing it as close as possible to the ground.
– Stand properly again and repeat the same action and move forward.
– This can also be done by holding a pair of dumbbells. (OPTIONAL).

2) Squat Jump:-Squats Animated
– Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your abs stable.

– Lower yourself from the hips till your thighs are almost parallel to the ground in a half squat position, keeping your arms extended and behind you. You will start in this way.

– Now jump up while swinging your arms in front of you and thrust yourself forward and land in the same position you started with your arms extended backward. This is one rep.

– Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

3) Jump Rope:-

Girl Jumping Rope – Choose a rope that goes easily over your head.
-Hold the rope handles in both arms.
-Using your wrists, swing the rope over your head and hop across the rope when it comes down.
-You can hop with both feet, with single or alternate feet according to your comfort level.
-Do this action for three sets of 10-12 reps.

4Calf Raises:Standing Calf Raises

– Stand straight, with you feet hip-width apart, stomach tucked in, shoulders pulled back and arms to the side.
– Lift your heels off the ground if possible and then lower the heels. This is one rep.
– Raise and lower them again in a continuous movement.
– Do two-three sets of 10 reps.
– Change the pace of this action or hold a pair of dumbells to vary the intensity.

5) Cycling:-
– You can use a stationary bike or ordinary bicycle.

Cycling Man
-Try cycling for a minimum of 15-20 minutes for a great cardiovascular workout and well-toned legs.


This is a fun for many people and helps burn calories in great amounts.

Now, you could just put on your favorite track and dance to it like nobody’s watching and what’s amazing is that it’s a form of exercise too!

Dancing Together Animated People
Dancing is beneficial for the heart and it gives our energy a boost too!

These are great if you want to boost your metabolism as well as heart rate.

Happy Girls Jumping

It helps in blood circulation and is useful for the joints because it helps in strengthening them.
This a good exercise for warming up too.

 3) PLANK:-
This exercise is helpful in enhancing the stomach muscles.
Start this exercise by being on your forearms or your toes and be on  your hands.

Plank Man Balancing Perfect
Flex your stomach muscles and remember to keep your body in a horizontal way.
Try to keep this position for as long as possible.

As you keep doing the plank exercise in  the future, remember to increase the time limit because this helps your muscles get firm.

Complete 10 reps.

 4) PUSH UPS:-
Push-ups are a great exercise for people who want to perform exercises without any gym accessories.
A perfect push up is done by people who have the adequate amount of arm strength and they allow the heart to pump a little faster which is good.

Man Doing A Push Up
This exercise also helps in increasing metabolism and strengthens as well as tones your upper body.

This is a great cardiovascular exercise.

This exercise is done while lying on the floor.
You can keep your hands to your sides or can also put them under your hips for comfort.
You have to focus on the stomach muscles and at the same time clasp the sides.
Leg Raise Animated
Now, keep your legs straight and DO NOT bend your knees.
After that, stop for a second with your legs in the air and slowly resume back to your starting position.


Even if you aren’t a dancer, yoga is the best way to get and stay healthy.
It helps you to reduce weight and even improves your metabolism and helps in gaining greater flexibility. First, let’s start by watching a video about the types of yoga and poses which you can perform!

Yoga can help dancers in a variety of ways, the top 3 benefits are:-

Yoga Pose Stretching As a dancer, you need your body to be as flexible as possible and this can be done through yoga in many ways.
It has been noted that yoga consists of many standing postures which help in increasing muscle strength.

Poses which focus on the areas of your body which are not that flexible are very helpful and poses such as the big toe pose, bound angle pose, cow face pose , the downward dog and much more.
The poses in yoga such as the balancing ones have their focus on backbends and the center floor and poses which strengthen the back contribute greatly to stabilizing a killer arabesque.

2) HELPS MAINTAIN BALANCE.Ballet Dancer Balancing
As a dancer, you need to have a balance which is very important for the dance acts out there.

When you perform yoga on a regular basis, it leads to giving you a remarkably strong core and this can help you greatly in performing those dance acts which need great balance.

It is very important to maintain a healthy mental balance as well and yoga can truly help you achieve this.

Yoga can help you increase your concentration levels and as a result helps in giving you mental clarity.
Frequent dancing can help to have greater control of your body and dancing can also improve the balance of aging adults.

This is obviously very necessary for you, as  a dancer to maintain a healthy weight.
Why this is so important because you need more stamina to perform better in your dancing acts and a healthy weight can give you just that.
Yoga Pose

You can lose weight with yoga because it helps you relax, detoxify your body and seriously increases your body awareness.

Now, when we look at the part of losing weight, yoga is known to help you lose only 3-6 calories every minute but it is possible to lose more calories by performing yoga if you simply consume lesser than you burn.

You could also try hot yoga, power yoga and more gentle ones such as Hatha Yoga, yin yoga, restorative etc.