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Does milk help you lose weight? | TOP 6

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  • There has been constant debate about the properties of weight loss milk has. Some advocates believe milk does not cause weight loss, while others feel it does. 
  • Let’s look deeper into what milk can really do for weight loss based on 3 negative and positive facts each.

  • Why does milk not support weight loss?
  • Many people believe that leaving out dairy while dieting can help people lose weight because of its calories and also, because it may cause inflammation. Cutting out cow’s milk may actually help you feel lessno milk pic  bloated. A great day for the lactose intolerant folks!

  • Milk is also said to be a bad choice by some people during weight loss because of its sugar content and when consumed in great amounts, leads to more weight gain.

  • Others who don’t think milk is the right thing to have during weight loss stand by the fact that protein like carbs (dairy), can lead to increase in insulin levels and can slow down your metabolism. 

  • Why does milk support weight loss?
  • People consider milk a good choice for weight loss because it is packed with a good amount of protein that helps our body in burning calories and helps us feel full as well.
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  • Another reason people support milk as a good weight loss liquid is that it has tons of calcium which makes the bones strong and is also known to aid weight loss.

  • Milk also consists of B vitamins, zinc etc. all which is good for the immune system and for the body.
    If not cow’s milk, some people prefer almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk etc because of their highly liked flavor and benefits for health. 




  • CONCLUSION:- Everything has a good and a bad side. One thing is for sure, whether you stand with milk being okay for weight loss or not, it should be taken in an appropriate amount or it can definitely contribute to more calories than you might like intaking. 
    Other than that, milk isn’t harmful to you when it comes to weight loss either.





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