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  • It has been found that contraceptive pills consumed by women for birth control can lead to weight gain in some situations.
    This mainly happens because of the result of fluid retention but this is not a very common problem today since the birth control pills that women use today have fewer hormones in them.The Pill
  • When an individual consumes estrogen in great amounts, it can lead to weight gain because this also leads to increase in appetite.
  • The birth control pills work are mainly consumed for the prevention of pregnancy and they also work by making the mucus around the cervix grow thicker and this makes it tougher for the sperm to reach the uterus.
  • When a woman consumes a birth control pill, it may also lead to depression and result in weight gain because women may have an increased craving for food.
  • It is necessary to take your doctor’s or healthcare providers advice before you start consuming those pills so that you are more aware of their side effects.

    What does one use contraceptive pills for?

  • The most common reason which is pretty obvious is that they are used for the prevention of pregnancy.
  • Most of the pills used for birth control today are basically a combination of the hormones called progesterone and estrogen which stops ovulation and thus, this leads to the stoppage of pregnancy because the egg is not fertilized.Confused Woman
  • They are also used by women for controlling their menstrual cycles when they are irregular.
  • Contraceptive pills help women control their periods because they help in improving the flow and they can also play a great role in helping women who have their menstrual cycle coming too frequently.
  • In some cases, it has been found that birth control pills are also prescribed for the treatment of acne.
    This is because the hormones which are found in birth control pills have properties that can stop the formation of acne but this often takes a long time to get cured and you may have to wait for many months to see the results.

    Do contraceptive pills really affect the weight of those who consume them?

  • The truth is there is no firm evidence that has been found which supports the notion that contraceptive pills cause weight gain.Birth Control Pills
    When women gain weight after they use birth control pills, it is due to water retention.
  • There may be some known cases in which women who consume progestin-only pills have slight evidence of weight gain.
  • Even if birth control pills do cause weight gain, it isn’t applicable for every woman out there and it does not cause women to have an increased weight in serious amounts.

    Why do people gain weight after birth control even if they do?

  • Now, as you already know that in some cases (rarely though) contraceptive pills do cause weight gain in small amounts and if you are one of those people, the reasons whyWoman With A Weight Machine you are gaining or have gained weight may be because of the following reasons:-
    You may be gaining weight because you might have changed what you eat and how often you eat it. The more calories you consume, the more weight you gain!
    The best thing to do in this situation is to keep a check on a number of calories you consume daily and make sure you keep a balance.
    You could use food trackers such as apps for fitness tracking or books such as this one:-
  • If you workout at the gym and do some exercises that lead to an increase in muscle weight or even if you do weightlifting exercises, it may be the result of weight gain.
    Weight Machine
  • The thing about this is that you may not even feel like you got any fatter but when you check the weight machine, you may see an increase in weight because you are generating muscle weight.
  • METABOLISM CHANGES:-Metabolism Picture
  • As you age, your metabolism also ages!
    Your metabolism may not function as well as it did when you were younger and this can lead to weight gain.
  • Although, aging may not be the only reason your metabolism may not be working like it used to.
  • Just to be on the safe side, you can ask your doctor to take a metabolism blood test which can help you figure out if there are any other contributing conditions for weight gain other than metabolism.
  • If you have changed jobs or find yourself seated most of the time, not exercising or
    staying active….. Then yes, that may be the cause of you gaining weight.
    Girl With Laptop
  • Make sure you get some exercise and stay active because when you don’t, it can be very unhealthy.
  • When you stay active, it not only controls your weight but also helps you stay healthy in the long term and prevent diseases.

    What is the best birth control method?

  • It is very important to talk to your doctor to be aware of your options if you have decided to choose another form of birth control and go ahead with something other than the hormonal form of birth control.
  • The best control method is the one which is best suited to you.Birth Control
    Go with something that you are does not cause irritating side effects and is the method that you are the most comfortable with.
  • Choosing something which is the best suited to your lifestyle also helps in a great way!

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