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Ishake Model 020 Shaker Bottle 500 ml – REVIEW.


  • What are the benefits of this product? 
  • BEST FOR MIXING : Since protein shakes tend to be lumpy, it becomes important to mix them well. This shaker eliminates powdered lumps completely because of it’s scientifically designed power mixer/strainer.

  • ANTI-LEAKAGE : Many bottles out there have a problem with leakage, you won’t have to worry about that with this product. It is durable, BPA free and absolutely leakage free. 
  • EASY TO CLEAN : The number one problem people have with bottles is their cleanliness. With the Ishake Shaker, you won’t have to worry about that because it is designed with an easy to open lid and advanced design makes it very easy to clean and carry as well. 
  • THRESHOLD : One of the main concerns people have is how much the bottle can actually hold. This product has a 500 ml capacity and is perfect for keeping hydrated while exercising and outdoor activities. 
  • APPEARANCE : It comes with an easily understandable and compact design that makes the bottle overall very easy to use. The bottle has a modernized design that comes in beautiful colors.


  • Why should you get this today?

  • The top 4 reasons you should get a shaker bottle today are:- 
  • ON THE GO-NUTRITON : You could be anywhere and a shaker would be the most reliable source of carrying nutritious drinks and is super easy to carry around. 
  • EASY ON YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM : With a shaker to sip from, you can let your digestive system chill for a bit. It does the mixing job for you by getting rid of any lumps in your drinks. 
  • HAS A STORAGE COMPARTMENTThe best part about this bottle is that its uses go beyond the protein world. You can not only store protein in this for shaking on demand but can also mix up salad dressings and whatever needs a good shake! 
  • WORTH THE BUY With a product whose uses vary in so many ways, it truly does make the shaker bottles a good investment. Getting a high-quality shaker can vamp up your gym experience for sure!

    So, what are you waiting for?
    Get yourself your very own shaker today:-


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Why drink green tea? – TOP 5 reasons.

green tea

  • Green tea has become a normal thing to have in everyone’s kitchen nowadays.
  • It’s amazing how easy and quick it is to have a cup! But green tea just isn’t like any other liquid, ranking second after water as the best drink in the world, it comes with many great health benefits.


  •  What are the reasons to drink green tea?

  • 1) Is amazing for brain function.

  • Green tea has properties that can relax the mind and make you comfortable.

    human brain

  • The L-Theanine content in green tea is what causes relaxation and makes you alert by driving away drowsiness.

  • It is proved that green tea can indeed improve mental alertness and helps people pay attention better. 

  • 2) Is great for weight loss.
  • The main reason green tea helps people who are losing weight is by loose pants animatedincreasing metabolism.

  • Hormones that burn fat in our body get a boost from the active compounds present in green tea.

  • Green tea aids the process of releasing fat into the bloodstream and turning it into energy. Thus, helping with weight loss. 

  • 3) Boosts immunity.
  • Immune function in green tea is boosted by the catechins (polyphenol) present in it.

    immunity pic
  • Green tea has properties that protect us from radicals and oxidants, thereby giving a boost to our immune system.
  • Nourishing your immunity with green tea is bound to keep your body on the right track when it comes to digestion and health.

  • 4) Regulates blood pressure.
  • Having green tea over a long period of time has proven to bring about significant changes in blood pressure.

    blood pressure machine

  • The flavonoids present in green tea are linked to heart health benefits and lower blood pressure as well.
  • But do remember that green tea also has caffeine in it so that may cause a slight rise in blood pressure but it’s nothing to worry about.


  • 5) Can help with acne.

  • Green tea is a great choice for you because it helps you deal with acne and aids good and healthy skin.

  • Drinking green tea can help you reduce inflammation which decreases the breakouts on the skin.

  • Green tea is also good for damaged skin since it fights free radicals because of its antioxidants.






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Benefits of sea salt lamps | TOP 6

    • Sea salt lamps are all the rage right now! 
    • It’s very likely you might see one as soon as you enter a friends house or even as a decor piece in the living room. 
    • There are many reasons why you should definitely get one for yourself. Not just as a decor piece but because it has many great benefits for your health and well-being.
    • What are the amazing benefits of sea salt lamps?

    • 1) Improves air quality.

    • This may be one of the biggest reasons people are turning to sea salt lamps.

      clean word
    • The reason sea salt lamps are able to give you cleaner air is because they can easily attract water vapor.
    • The lamp helps you get rid of the bacteria, allergens, mold etc that come with the water vapor by trapping them and releasing the water vapor later.


    • 2) Suitable for people with asthma and allergy problems.

    • It is a known fact that Himalayan salt is also used in inhalers for asthma patients.
    • The lamps can protect you from airborne germs because they tend to release negative ions (oxygen atoms that clear the air) to purify the air.

    • This process is continuous as long as you use the lamp.
      People have reported to start feeling changes in just one or two weeks with these lamps, get yours today!


    • 3) Gets energy levels up.
    • As we previously talked about sea salt lamps emitting negative ions, they also help in rejuvenating the body and mind.
      happy sun
    • They do this because once negative ions have properties that increase serotonin on interacting with our bloodstream.
    • Sea salt lamps are great energy boosters. Positive vibes are healthy vibes and these lamps can provide you that. 


    • 4) Great for a good night’s sleep.

    • It is known that positively charged particles can actually alter your sleep in a negative way.

      good night sleep

    • Negative ions naturally generated by Himalayan sea salt lamps through a process that is known as hygroscopy, now have yet another benefit that makes these lamps so great.
    • Usually, people have said to experience notable changes after placing at least two lamps in their rooms.

    • 5) Reduces radiation.

    • Himalayan salt lamps are also being brought by people because there are claims that they can protect you from EMF radiation.
      no radiation
    • The radiation emitted by the gadgets we use can be harmful to us for longer periods. Keeping a sea salt lamp in your room can help combat this issue.
    • The negative ions definitely are the winning factor here and make the sea salt lamps even more useful. 

    • 6) Stress reducer and puts you in a great mood. 
    • People who have used the Himalayan sea salt lamps have reported a change in their work performance as well.

      working woman

    • Those people who work in front of a computer for long times can truly benefit from sea salt lamps because of their negative ions. 
    • Despite from looking great as a decorative piece in your room, the sea salt lamp is truly more than just a lamp! 

  •  So, what are you waiting for? 🙂
    Grab your very own Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp today.
    Don’t miss out, click below to shop!


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Is organic food better for you? – TOP 5

organic foods

    • We hear lots of things about organic food all the time.
      So, why do people consider buying organic food a lot?

    • Today, let’s dive into the deeper aspects of organic food and understand why organic food is the right choice. 

    • What are the main reasons buying organic is beneficial? 
  • say no to gmo1) Most people who buy organic food buy it for health benefits. Organic food is definitely better in terms of purity since it is kept away from pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

  • apples picture 2) Organic food tastes way better than the regular store bought products because the fruits and vegetables are cultivated in good healthy soil and are nurtured in a perfectly natural way, which keeps the plants strong.

  • 3) Some organic foods are known to be richer in nutrients and are known to be healthier as well because of their health benefits salicylic acid content and studies have also shown that vegetables and fruits that are organic have more iron and vitamin C. 

  • 4) Organic food is also known to improve the functioning of the immunegerms system and improve heart health. The high quantity of minerals and vitamins in organic food reduces the decline of the immune system and it also consists of heart-healthy fatty acids that protect the heart. 

  • 5) A study found that organic food tends to have more omega -3 fatty acids happy animalsin it and thus, is a better choice when it comes to caring for your overall health and getting the nutrients you don’t get in an appropriate amount from regular store-bought food. The animals raised organically are way healthier and happier and this contributes to the quality of the food. 

  • Are you looking for some amazing organic products to buy online?Here are the TOP 4 picks for organic health:- 





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Benefits of aloe vera juice – TOP 10

aloe vera pic

      • Aloe vera is used for tons of things such as beauty treatments, bowel disease treatments etc. However, consuming aloe vera through food has been proven to be more beneficial than you might think it is.

      • The juice of Aloe Vera is also great for losing weight because of its metabolism elevating properties and various other properties that help your body maintain a healthy balance.

      • Today, you’re going to be reading about the TOP 10 benefits for weight loss and various other things of the greatly talked about aloe vera juice. Enjoy! 


      • Not only are antioxidants good for losing weight, they also provide various health benefits to our body. They have properties that stop the growth of bacteria, thus, keeping us away aloe vera bottle juicefrom infections.

    • Antioxidants are mainly known for their ability to neutralize free radicals and the ones that Aloe Vera consists of are vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B12 etc.

    • Choline found in Aloe Vera is also known to be an effective treatment for sunburn and Folic Acid which helps the body take care of and also produce new cells.


    • Studies have shown that the consumption of Aloe Vera provides the immune system with various benefits because of its micronutrients. It increases the functionality rate of the immune system and leaves us with a healthy body.

    • Aloe Vera is also known to slow down the process of aging and detoxifiesAloe Vera Plant Picture the body which is very much needed for us in today’s world because of the harmful chemicals we consume with our food and drink.

    • So, if you’re looking for a good immune system booster, aloe vera juice can be used and it is widely used for the treatment of immune deficiency disorders in the world as well. 

    • Aloe Vera is known to be beneficial for heart health because it consists of a high amount of vitamin C which is very useful for making the arteries and veins stronger and also, supports the better circulation of blood.
      Aloe Vera Picture
    • Aloe Vera is known to have been used as an effective treatment for people
      with heart problems and has proved to be successful in reducing pain in patients.

    • Drinking Aloe Vera juice for reducing heart problems is usually better done with exercise and other activities. However, make sure to have a moderate amount and do not overdo it because it does have side effects. 

    • Since, we know that Aloe Vera supports our immune system and digestion, it is understood that it takes care of an essential part of our body detoxification.
      Aloe Vera Plant
    • It helps keep the body away from dehydration and keeps toxins out of our system by moving them down the digestive tract and out!Aloe Vera is a great natural supporter of your liver, kidneys and all the organs you need for cleansing your body.

    • You can have one glass of Aloe Vera juice twice a day and help your body cleanse itself! 

    • It may come as no surprise to you that Aloe vera is amazing for the skin. Drinking aloe vera juice can help your skin stay healthy because of its anti-inflammatory properties and also because it creates a hindrance to the production of histamines and prostaglandins.
      aloe gel
    • Aloe Vera is also widely used for the treatment of burns, scars etc. But, Aloe Vera juice can be used for treating skin problems like acne and blemishes. It has proven to be effective.

    • You’ll find tons of beauty gurus promoting Aloe Vera products mainly because of this amazing benefit it has. It also helps people with arthritis, Crohn’s disease etc.

    • This is our favorite benefit of Aloe Vera juice. Aloe Vera can truly aid weight loss as it has properties that help regulate bowel movements and boost spiral aloe metabolism.

    • Aloe Vera juice is also great for weight loss because it is loaded with tons of soluble fiber and is known as a natural laxative. Some say it also helps in reducing appetite.

    • Also, Aloe Vera juice can help you on your weight loss journey also because it consists of fatty acids, minerals, vitamins etc that are all here to aid your weight loss.

    • If you’re looking for something to control your blood sugar, Aloe Vera juice can help you out. This is Aloe Vera consists of properties that are amazing for insulin such as manganese, zinc, chromium, magnesium etc.

      aloe vera gel

    • Aloe Vera juice is great for people with diabetes because of these properties and is also known to be helpful in stabilizing the glucose in our bloodstream.
    • Another great benefit of Aloe Vera juice for blood sugar is that it is filled with amazing antioxidants and also, detoxifies your body, making it great for people with diabetes.

    • Aloe Vera has been used for many years to treat various diseases and one of them is Anemia. It is a condition that develops when your blood does not have enough hemoglobin or healthy blood cells.

      Aloe Vera

  • Aloe Vera consists of an agent that aids in the stimulation of the bone marrow in our body that helps in producing healthier and more blood cells and also helps in the circulation of blood in throughout the body.
  • Therefore, Aloe Vera juice is a good remedy for Anemia and can be used. However, I would still recommend consulting your doctor before you start using Aloe Vera juice for treatment.

  • There are various reasons Aloe Vera juice is great for our liver but the number one reason would be that it has the capacity to hydrate and replenish phytonutrients into our body.
    Aloe Vera Hand
  • Moreover, Aloe Vera juice also has a detoxifying agent that nourishes and cleanses the body and helps the liver function better.

  • However, it is very important to keep in mind the right amount of intake of Aloe Vera juice for a day since too much of it for this purpose can actually do more damage than harm but even so, it is pretty rare.

  • It may come as no surprise that this is one of the benefits I’ve listed here but let’s face it, a top 10 list for the benefits of Aloe Vera would be incomplete without this. Even though I find Aloe Vera Gel better suited to skincare needs, Aloe Vera juice has it’s own benefits for this as well.
    Aloe Vera Juice
  • Aloe Vera juice is great for acne and most skin conditions because of its vitamins and antioxidants that help protect your skin from damage and also, keeps your skin looking young and fresh.
  • It also has properties that regenerate skin and the anti-inflammatory properties are a bonus for the skin. Thus, drinking Aloe Vera juice for skin care is a good choice. 






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Scivation Xtend BCAAs – 16 Flavors | Product Review



  • PRODUCT NAME :- Scivation Xtend BCAAs.



  • SHIPPING WEIGHT :- 1.2 pounds.

  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS :- 3.5 x 3.5 x 6.5 inches ; 1 pound.

  • The Scivation Xtend BCAAs is great for people who are constantly working out at the gym and need to give their body enough support for muscle growth. If you need to lose weight and usually tire out easily after a workout or even want to lose weight, this is the right product for you!
  • This product is carbohydrate and sugar-free. As the name suggests, it is also a good source of amino acids because it consists of 7 grams of BCAAs per serving and this product also comes in 16 different flavors.
  • It also consists of Glutamine, an amino acid which can help us keep our immune system healthy and away from immune system suppression caused by exercising. Now, you might be wondering how this is possible since exercise is known to make our immune systems healthier!
  • Exercising does have its long-term benefits but when we become regular exercise lovers, the defenses of our immune system actually reduce and thus, it is beneficial to have supplementary glutamine as it can stop us from being more prone to infections.
  • As a plus point, it also consists of Citrullinean amino acid which is non-protein and is very helpful for performing exercises better as it raises the levels of arginine which produces nitric oxide.
  • The nitric oxide in our body helps nutrients reach our muscles in an easier way by expanding the muscles and citrulline also gives us the energy to perform our exercises better.

  • Who should consume BCAA products?

  • I, personally, started consuming the Scivation Xtend BCAAs when I started feeling really sore after my gym workouts. After taking this product, it didn’t show immediate results but it did help in feeling less fatigued and did provide energy too.
  • The following people should consume BCAA products:-

  • Those people who are working out for longer periods. BCAAs will travel straight to your muscles when you consume them and work as a fuel to repair and build your muscles.
    They can also help you get stronger.
  • The people who feel fatigued due to exercising. When you consume BCAA products, the hormone (tryptophan) which causes you to feel fatigued, is reduced in the body and thus, the feeling of fatigue is slowed down.
  • If you are one of those people who want to lose weight while keeping your muscles in shape, BCAA products are the way to go! A research was done at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA which showed that when certain amino acids are combined, it inhibits the breakdown of muscle tissues. ( Source:- NutritionExpress )

  • When should we consume BCAA products?

  • This is a question which gets asked very often and there are different answers to this.
  • If you are looking for a way to gain muscle strength and energy at the same time, you can either take your BCAA drink before your workout or after it and even consume it while you’re working out is a good way to nurture the muscles in our body.
  • BCAAs help in the recovery of your muscles after a workout, they improve your performance while you are working out because BCAAs are known to break down more easily during physical activity and they also give us strength and stamina if we take them before a workout.
  • Thus, the best time to consume a BCAA product is before, during and even after a workout.

  • Which form or BCAA is better?

  • This is also a constantly asked question and the answer is the POWDER FORM of BCAA is definitely better because it is said that the right amount of amino acids for us is 5g to 10g and to get that through tablets may mean eating 10 to 20 of them.
  • Also, BCAA powders are way better in taste and this is mostly done because there is nothing more disgusting than the taste of plain BCAA! The flavors of the Scivation Xtend BCAAs include:-
  • Pineapple ( this is my favorite and this is why I’ve included a personal picture of the one I bought above!)

  • Strawberry Kiwi.

  • Raspberry Blue.

  • Pink Lemonade.

  • Black Cherry.

  • Watermelon.

  • Blue Raspberry.

  • Mango Nectar.

  • Pink Lemonade.

  • Raw. (only if you don’t want any flavors and are looking for plain BCAAs).

  • Fruit Punch.

  • Green Apple.

  • Grape.

  • Lemon Lime.

  • Orange Dream.

  • Mango.

  • What are the ingredients?

    Supplement Facts


  • The Scivation Xtend BCAAs consist of Vitamin B 6 which helps our body modify food into fuel but is not known to give any extra energy like that of caffeine.
  • L-Isoleucine :-

    This is an important ingredient because our muscle cells use this as a fuel while we have intense workouts. Another reason this ingredient is essential is because it promotes anabolism, anti-catabolism and protein synthesis.

  • L-Leucine :-

  • This ingredient is useful for maintaining our muscle tissues by preserving the balance of nitrogen in our body. It helps us focus better when we are involved in intense trainings and saves muscle glycogen which is essential for muscle contraction.
  • L-Valine :-

  • This ingredient is indeed very important for recovery and the growth of the tissues in our body. Moreover, it is a very good source of energy which is beneficial to our muscles.
    The electrolyte blend consists of trisodium citrate dihydrate, potassium chloride and sodium chloride.
  • Trisodium citrate dihydrate:-

  • It helps regulate acidity and is useful for decreasing the effects of acidosis felt while working out intensely.
  • Potassium Chloride :-

  • This ingredient is important because it plays a very important role in carrying glucose into our muscle cells. The biggest reason why this ingredient is important is because it also helps in the breakdown of glycogen for energy and being potassium deficient can actually make us feel like vomiting or even nauseous.
  • Sodium Chloride :-

  • This ingredient is not only important for helping our body function normally but also provides us with energy and stamina which is beneficial for our workouts.
  • So, that is it for the most important ingredients of this product!

    What is not so great about this product?

  • Many people find this product to be expensive.
  • It contains glutamine which some people are allergic to.
  • Some people would like more leucine in this product.

  • My overall opinion….

  • This is a product with great value and I would recommend it to anyone who is a part of intense workouts and needs muscle recovery quick! When I started using this product, I could feel the effects soon enough and it really did help me.
  • There are many flavors to choose from and my favorite, as you know now, is pineapple!
    The mixability is great and what I like the most about this product is it’s electrolyte blend. Scivation is a trusted brand in the world of BCAA products too!
  • Therefore, I conclude by saying that is a good product, although expensive, get’s the job done!



    Have any questions or want to share your experiences with this product?
    Comment below!

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Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein by Optimum Nutrition | Product Review

Gold Standard

  • PRODUCT NAME:-  Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard.

    (16,146 customer reviews)

  • SHIPPING WEIGHT:- 5.8 pounds.

  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:- 8x8x10.8 inches.

      • The Gold Standard Whey Protein by Optimum Nutrition is a flavored protein which consists of whey protein isolates that are processed in a way all the lactose and fat is extracted. They are the most natural form of whey.
      • It consists of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) which are 5.5 grams per serving. It is also combined whey protein concentrate which is filtered and consists of 24 gms of whey protein in a single serving.
      • It is one of the best protein powders on the market today and is ranked best seller on Amazon too! Optimum Nutrition is known as one of the most trusted sports nutrition brands out there and they claim to always make their products with the best quality ingredients.
      • This protein powder is ideal for muscle building and with whey protein, your muscles are in good hands for recovery. It consists of 1 gm of fat and 3 gms of carbs per serving and is a great source of amino acids.

      • Why should you choose whey protein?

      • Whey protein is rich in antioxidants which are very good for protecting the body against Green Muscle Arm diseases and keeping our immune system healthy. It consists of glutathione which is an antioxidant that has the potential to stop cancer and soak up free radicals.
      • It is the best choice for building muscle strength and mass. In comparison, whey protein is also quick to be digested when compared to other protein types.
        Whey protein can also be used as a replacement of all the other calorie products in your diet.
      • It mainly helps in weight loss because it is better in cutting down hunger than the other protein types people use for weight loss.
      • Studies have also shown that when people consume whey protein before a workout, it actually burns more fat than a snack which is carbohydrate based. The best type of whey protein for people who are lactose intolerant is whey protein isolate because it is processed in such a way that the carbs are broken down and thus, it gives them a lower amount of lactose.

      • What are people saying about this product?

      • The Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein has been ranked one of the best sellers on Amazon, to read the amazon reviews, click here:-

Gold Standard Whey Protein By Optimum Nutrition Customer Reviews

    • This product is used mostly by people who are athletes and those working out at the gym for getting into shape! It provides quality which helps people who consume this product perform better in their exercises and diet.
    • Many people have different opinions about the 27 varieties of flavors, which include:-1) Double Rich Chocolate.
      2) Chocolate Malt.
      3) Chocolate Coconut.
      4) Cake Batter.
      5) Banana Cream.
      6) Coffee.
      Smiley Face7) Delicious Strawberry.    Variety Is Good
      8) Cookies & Cream.
      9) Extreme Milk Chocolate.
      10) Rocky Road.
      11) Mocha Cappucino.
      12) Vanilla Icecream.
      13) Strawberry Banana.
      14) White Chocolate.
      15) Cake Donut.
      16) Birthday Cake.
      17) Chocolate.
      18) Caramel Toffee Fudge.
      19) Cinnamon.
      20) Chocolate Peanut Butter.
      21) French Vanilla Creme.
      22) Naturally Flavored Vanilla.
      23) Naturally Flavored Chocolate.
      24) Whey Key Lime Pie.
      25) Vanilla.
      26) Whey Salted Caramel.
      27) Chocolate Mint.
    • Many people love the chocolate flavors and some don’t. Other’s hate the birthday cake flavor and others like it! Therefore, it is a matter of personal taste and this is why you shouldn’t buy a whole tub of a flavor recommended by someone else since you could like another flavor better. So, test it out for yourself!
    • Whey protein naturally tastes really bad so it’s pretty obvious why Optimum Nutrition had to flavor it and the variety of flavors is a bonus! Many people who have used this product have also said that it is very effective and is definitely one of the bests out there.
    • Since I use this whey protein powder too, I can say with confidence that this protein powder mixes really well even with a spoon and makes good protein shakes since it is instantized.
    • Also, this product is a supplement so it should be taken as either as a meal replacement by people who tend to lose weight and even to get some calories into your diet if you don’t have enough already!
    • This is truly one of the best whey protein powders out there and it is definitely worth a try!

    • Here’s a picture of the nutrition facts and ingredients of the Gold Standard Whey Protein by Optimum Nutrition I bought from the store the other day :-Ingredients Label
    • I bought the Double Rich Chocolate flavor and I must say, it did taste great paired with some juice or almond milk along with ice cubes. There are many other recipes you can try while using this protein powder and maybe make your own too!

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Orgain Organic Protein Powder | Product Review

Orgain Organic Protein Powder


    • Protein powders are one of the main foods used by people who want to lose weight but many people do so without knowing why we consume protein powder in the first place.
    • Yes, I know that you are well aware of the fact that protein keeps us full for longer but there are so many other benefits of protein powder!
    • Many people who do not get enough protein in their diet, consume protein powder too.
    • It is also good for building muscles and making us healthier. Why protein shakes are mostly gulped down after workouts is because they cure the small muscle tears which are the result of energetic contraction during a workout, says

      What are the benefits of the Orgain Organic Protein Powder?

    • Being ranked on the #1 Bestseller list of Amazon, the Orgain Organic Protein Powder is a plant based protein powder which has no sugar added and is gluten, dairy and soy free too.
    • It is ideal for vegans since it is plant based and it has a very smooth texture which is easy to consume and is known to be the most delicious protein powder ever! The protein is derived from brown rice, chia, hemp and pea proteins.
    • Vegan protein powders are not as easy to find and the Orgain Organic Protein Powder is packed with nutrients which are very good for your health. It consists of 5 grams of fiber and twenty-one gms of protein which is organic.
    •  It comes in different flavors which taste amazing such as sweet vanilla bean and creamy chocolate fudge. It tastes even better when you mix it up with almond or cashew milk.It is developed by a doctor, Andrew Abraham and is certified by the USDA.
    • This is also a great option for people who are lactose intolerant because it does not consist of any dairy products.
      Vegan Picture

    • Why is organic good for us?

    • Organic protein or anything organic for that matter is good for us because it is 100% natural and does not consist of any artificial ingredients.
    • Buying organic protein is a better choice for maintaining and building muscles. Products which are considered organic are not grown with those artificial pesticides and fats that are hydrogenated. Thus, this makes them a healthy and natural choice.
    • It is GMO-free which means that it is not genetically modified and it is also questioned if food which is GM can give rise to allergies. Organic food is also known to boost the immune system.
    • The EU conducted a study in which they found that the organic vegetables and fruits we consume actually have antioxidants which are 50% more than the amount which consists in normal fruits and vegetables. They also have more minerals and vitamins in them.
    • Recent studies have also shown that organic food fights cancer and many other diseases which are known to be connected with fertilizers and herbicides. Organic food can also be considered as good diet food because its natural ingredients can give you energy and are high in fiber too.

    • Some other benefits of Organic produce

    • Other benefits of organic food, even though they can be expensive, are:-
    • They are good for the environment because they are strictly grown without the use of any chemicals which are synthetic in nature and thus, do not cause any contamination of underground water. They are also known to reduce pollution.
    • They also taste better because they are grown in soil which is fertile and healthy.
      Although, it is very important to read the label before purchasing any organic products because goods such as desserts are sold saying they are organic but they are high in calories too!

    • The Orgain Organic Protein Powder!

    • Now, coming back to this amazing tasting organic protein powder, it is an ideal choice for people who want to lose some weight and this is definitely loved by vegans because of the fact that it’s plant based!
    • So, who is this product actually for?Orgain Organic
    • This product works perfectly for the people and the following reasons mentioned above and if you fit one of these descriptions, what are you waiting for?
    • The ingredients that it consists of are Orgain Organic Protein Blend which consists of organic chia seed, organic pea protein, organic hemp protein, and organic brown rice protein), organic guar gum, organic inulin, organic natural flavors, organic high oleic sunflower oil, rosemary extract, monk fruit, xanthan gum, organic rice bran extract, organic erythritol, organic cocoa, organic rice dextrins, organic Arabic and/or acacia gum, organic stevia and sea salt.
    • To read about what people are saying about this product, click here:-

Orgain Organic Protein Powder Customer Reviews



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Black + Decker JE2200B | Product Review


Black + DeckerPrice:-

USED- 36.00$
NEW- 57.55$

Why should I buy the Black + Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Fruits And Vegetable Extractor With Custom Juice Cup?

    • With the power of 400 watts and a stainless steel cutter, The Black & Decker JE2200 is a fruit and juice extractor. It is one of the best out there and it also comes with its own custom cup which is 300ml and is really helpful for measuring the amount of juice you extract.

    • It is equipped with high-quality stainless steel blades and it also consists of its own pulp extractor which is 25 ounces and you get to choose whether you want to keep the pulp for your juice or just use it some other recipes later on!

      Black Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Fruits And Vegetable Extractor comes with dishwasher friendly parts which are removable and if you have a dishwasher, you Girl Doing Her Dishescan pretty much put them in there and you’re done!

    • It’s user-friendliness also makes it something which is great to use plus it get’s your work done easily as well.

    • It has a 400-Watt motor which makes it easy to extract the juice out of the toughest solids and it also has a dual lock which in an addition to your safety. Also, the on and off switch this motor comes with makes it very easy to operate.

    • Now, there is one part about this product which might be a put off for some of you out there and that is the small chute it has.
      To get the juice out of your fruits or veggies properly, you will have to cut them into smaller pieces rather than large chunks of the whole vegetable or fruit at once. Cutting it into small pieces also gets the job done more quicker!

    • The first thing that I would consider if I were to buy this product is that this has the lowest price of high-quality juice extractors in the market and many customers feel the same way.
      If you are an occasional juice lover or even someone who has to have a glass every day, this is the product which is very affordable in terms of the service it offers.

      What are the benefits of juicing?

    • Juicing can be really beneficial for us in a number of ways.
      When we decide to drink juice, we actually decide to live a healthier life and here’s how:-

    • Now the processed juices that we get from supermarkets, may not be that healthy but when we drink natural freshly made juices, we get loads of minerals and vitamins as well as micronutrients which are really good for our bodies.


    •  JuicingDrinking juice also means doing your digestive system a favor because the food is already in liquid form and this makes it easier to consume the nutrients and you get to skip the part of chewing because the food is already broken down!

    • Fresh juices can detoxify your body and the main focus of people who drink juices for detoxification, target the cleansing of the liver. When you make juices with grapefruit, garlic or lemon, the liver can dispose of toxins.

    • Research has shown that juicing can actually reduce the risk of cancer and carrot juice is known to have vitamins in it which have helped cure cancer. Carrot juice contains Vitamin E and also helps our liver to function well. They might even help you look younger because of the anti-aging elements that it consists of!

    • Drinking fresh juices which are homemade can help you in losing weight because they consist of 0 fat and very low calories. When I was on my mission to losing weight, I used homemade juices to stay full and this does help a lot, trust me!

    • Fresh juices provide us with energy which can help to keep us moving throughout the day. The vegetable and fruit juices we drink, make our immune system stronger and they contain nutrients which end up giving us more power.

    • Juicing can even help you sleep better!
      This is possible because when we drink juices, it can help our body focus on sleeping rather than digesting all the vitamins and minerals we consumed.

    • You will also feel great after drink juices which are natural because this is a simple human thing. When we eat good, we feel good and also look amazing!
      Also, the healthier food we eat, the longer are our life chances.

      What are some great juicing recipes I can try after I buy this product?

    • You can try a variety of recipes and can even add your little twist to it!
      Although juicing with this product does require cutting your fruits or veggies down into pieces so that they can fit its chute but once that’s done, you get your juice well done!
    • Some of the recipes you can try out for juicing are:-

      Ingredients :-
      Grapes, cucumber, kale and apples.

      Green Juice


    • RED MIX :-

      Ingredients :-
      Strawberries, blueberries and a mango.
      Red Mix


      An apple, ice cubes and strawberries (250g)

      Strawberry And Apple Mix


    • Healthylicious :-

      Mint Springs (5), granny smith apples (3), baby spinach (100g) , pears (3) ,  ice cubes for coolness!


      Spinach And Pear


    • Orange Carrot Juice :-

      Ingredients :-
      Oranges (2), carrots (3) and chia seeds (if you want)

      Orange And Carrot Juice



    • Do you want some great smoothie recipes which are way more elaborate than these juicing ones?CLICK HERE!


    • Do you want to know more about the Black + Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Fruits And Vegetable Extractor With Custom Juice Cup more before you make up your mind to make a purchase? Go here:-
    • Thank you for reading 🙂
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Athletic Greens

  • Many of us are crazy about energy drinks out there for a much-needed boost or to increase the energy within our bodies to perform better in the activities we are carrying out.

  • Most of the energy drinks out there have a bad name because they have the potential to lead to heart problems and they may also raise your blood sugar level if you have too much of them.

  • Like everything has a good and bad side, energy drinks do too!
    The good part about some of the energy drinks out there are that they can actually help in improving blood circulation to your ears, brain and eyes.

  • What’s more is that they may even improve your memory! 😀
    This may happen because of the content of caffeine in the particular energy drink.
    It has properties which can decrease the amount of information you forget!

  • Energy drinks may be mainly used by athletes but it is ideal if you look at the carbohydrates before drinking them and if they have a 6-7% carbohydrate serving, they make a good choice!

  • Also, don’t drink energy drinks as a substitute for water, especially if you are trying to lose weight because they may contribute to helping you gain a few pounds and water, on the other hand, does not have any calories.

    What are the harmful effects of regular energy drinks?

  • The harmful effects of energy drinks which are consumed in today’s world are as follows:-
  • While caffeine may help you remember information, it does have negative effects on the human body and this mainly happens when there is an overdose of caffeine.
    When there is a caffeine overdose, an individual may vomit, have high blood pressure and sometimes this may even lead to death.

  • The effects of the energy drinks on the human heart are the most known out there.
    The normal energy drinks that individuals consume may be the cause of high blood pressure and this leads to a nonuniform heart beat rate and can again, cause death.Sports Drink

  • When you are exercising, they can dehydrate you and the best thing to do in this situation is to not use any water substitutes because water is the best drink in this situation.

  • The dehydration happens because the sugar in energy drinks cause the water to get absorbed slowly than usual and this decreases the amount of sugar in the blood stream which results in dehydration.

  • The content of herbal energizers and caffeine inside of the regular energy drinks which are consumed today quicken the functions of the central nervous system and the person become’s active and as a result, the individual does not feel sleepy.

  • The caffeine in the energy drink blocks the chemical (adenosine) which is responsible for giving signals to the brain for sleep!
    Thus, this may induce insomnia in a person and keep them alert at the same time.

What are the usual ingredients of energy drinks?

  • According to research, some of the most common ingredients that are found in energy drinks today are caffeine, taurine, ginseng, guarana, B vitamins, sugars, green tea extract etc.

  • GuaranaGuarana:-
    This is taken from the seeds of the guarana plant from Southern America and it basically gives double the weight of caffeine in the energy drinks. It is also known to stop fatigue and encourage weight loss.

  • Green tea extract :-Green Tea
    This is known as one of the top sources for fighting cancer antioxidants and is used mainly for providing energy to the consumer of the energy drink.
    However, there is no strong evidence to support the fact that this may help in weight loss or has the potential to give a lower level of blood pressure.

  • Sugar :-SugarThis is used in energy drinks for well, energy!
    One average energy drink may consist of 62 grams of sugar and that can easily constitute up to 250 calories.
    When sugar intake is more, it may lead to diabetes, obesity and can also fasten the levels of insulin in our bodies.

  • Taurine :-Taurine
    This can boost the metabolism of your body and the best dose of this is about 3,000 mg on a particular day.
    It is basically an amino acid which can help athletes give a better performance.

  • Caffeine :-CaffeineThis is definitely one of the main ingredients in energy drinks out there and it is mainly used to give energy to the consumer.
    It makes an individual more alert and thus, it can lead to improvement in the performance of athletes but only small quantities of this particular ingredient are recommended. You shouldn’t be drinking more than 200 mg twice a day.

  • Vitamin B:-Vitamin B TabletsIt is quite confusing when it comes to figuring out why B Vitamins are used in energy drinks because they don’t provide energy.
    Although, people who do not get the right amount of vitamin B intake can feel tired because energy is given to our body with the help of micronutrients.Vitamin B is not harmful because it can quickly get find it’s way out of our bodies because these are water soluble nutrients!

  • Ginseng :-GinsengThis is a herb from East Asia and again there is no strong evidence to support the fact that it provides energy.
    You should avoid drinking this if you are diabetic because it tends to lower the blood sugar level.

    Which energy drink is the best for me?

  • What if there was an energy drink which is actually nutritious and supports your weight loss? Well, a drink like that does exist and it’s called ” Athletic Greens”.
  • This is a very good energy drink for those of you who are trying to lose weight and you don’t have to ever worry about nutrient deficiency in your body because it has over 70 ingredients which include whole-food sourced vitamins, minerals, dairy free probiotics, organic produce both in powder form and as a whole, digestive enzymes, herbs, natural extracts and many more!Athletic Greens
  • This drink is definitely the right one for your digestion and immunity.
    It does not contain much of caffeine like the other energy drinks but does have some of it to give you a boost when you try it!
  • The ingredients of Athletic Greens will help you take care of your health, energy and if you’re always in a hurry, that’s okay!
    It only takes 30 seconds to make this and all you need to do is take a 12g serving every day and mix in about 300 ml of water.
  • The best time to consume this would be before you have any food in the morning and if you’re a particularly active person or are over 170 lbs, then you should not exceed over two servings every day.

  • If you have some medical issues, Athletic Greens makes it very clear that this is a natural product and is suited to almost anyone. However, if you are on medications and want to consume this, it is recommended to consult your physician or doctor for being on the safe side and feeling assured.
  • The supplement facts of Athletic Greens are :-
    Supplement Athletic Greens
  • The best part about Athletic Greens  is that there is a money-back guarantee even if you do not find the product satisfactory which is very rare because it does taste great and has many nutrients!
    70 Ingredients 30 Seconds
  • This product is apt for the vegans out there, is gluten free and it tastes amazing!
    The main thing I do not like about some of the nutritious supplements out there is the taste and if you’re like me, you won’t have a problem with buying Atheltic Greens in terms of its taste as well as nutritional value.
  • Even if you are allergic to nuts, dairy, wheat, yeast, gluten, eggs etc, you can still use this product! Even if you are allergic to soy, there is an allergen statement below the label which says that you can consume this even if you’re allergic to soy.

Athletic Greens Product
This product is affordable, looking at it in terms of its nutritional value and most of the green drinks out there are pretty expensive.
You also get a free non-digital copy of the Complete 30-day fat loss plan when you first purchase this product.