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Black + Decker JE2200B | Product Review


Black + DeckerPrice:-

USED- 36.00$
NEW- 57.55$

Why should I buy the Black + Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Fruits And Vegetable Extractor With Custom Juice Cup?

    • With the power of 400 watts and a stainless steel cutter, The Black & Decker JE2200 is a fruit and juice extractor. It is one of the best out there and it also comes with its own custom cup which is 300ml and is really helpful for measuring the amount of juice you extract.

    • It is equipped with high-quality stainless steel blades and it also consists of its own pulp extractor which is 25 ounces and you get to choose whether you want to keep the pulp for your juice or just use it some other recipes later on!

      Black Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Fruits And Vegetable Extractor comes with dishwasher friendly parts which are removable and if you have a dishwasher, you Girl Doing Her Dishescan pretty much put them in there and you’re done!

    • It’s user-friendliness also makes it something which is great to use plus it get’s your work done easily as well.

    • It has a 400-Watt motor which makes it easy to extract the juice out of the toughest solids and it also has a dual lock which in an addition to your safety. Also, the on and off switch this motor comes with makes it very easy to operate.

    • Now, there is one part about this product which might be a put off for some of you out there and that is the small chute it has.
      To get the juice out of your fruits or veggies properly, you will have to cut them into smaller pieces rather than large chunks of the whole vegetable or fruit at once. Cutting it into small pieces also gets the job done more quicker!

    • The first thing that I would consider if I were to buy this product is that this has the lowest price of high-quality juice extractors in the market and many customers feel the same way.
      If you are an occasional juice lover or even someone who has to have a glass every day, this is the product which is very affordable in terms of the service it offers.

      What are the benefits of juicing?

    • Juicing can be really beneficial for us in a number of ways.
      When we decide to drink juice, we actually decide to live a healthier life and here’s how:-

    • Now the processed juices that we get from supermarkets, may not be that healthy but when we drink natural freshly made juices, we get loads of minerals and vitamins as well as micronutrients which are really good for our bodies.


    •  JuicingDrinking juice also means doing your digestive system a favor because the food is already in liquid form and this makes it easier to consume the nutrients and you get to skip the part of chewing because the food is already broken down!

    • Fresh juices can detoxify your body and the main focus of people who drink juices for detoxification, target the cleansing of the liver. When you make juices with grapefruit, garlic or lemon, the liver can dispose of toxins.

    • Research has shown that juicing can actually reduce the risk of cancer and carrot juice is known to have vitamins in it which have helped cure cancer. Carrot juice contains Vitamin E and also helps our liver to function well. They might even help you look younger because of the anti-aging elements that it consists of!

    • Drinking fresh juices which are homemade can help you in losing weight because they consist of 0 fat and very low calories. When I was on my mission to losing weight, I used homemade juices to stay full and this does help a lot, trust me!

    • Fresh juices provide us with energy which can help to keep us moving throughout the day. The vegetable and fruit juices we drink, make our immune system stronger and they contain nutrients which end up giving us more power.

    • Juicing can even help you sleep better!
      This is possible because when we drink juices, it can help our body focus on sleeping rather than digesting all the vitamins and minerals we consumed.

    • You will also feel great after drink juices which are natural because this is a simple human thing. When we eat good, we feel good and also look amazing!
      Also, the healthier food we eat, the longer are our life chances.

      What are some great juicing recipes I can try after I buy this product?

    • You can try a variety of recipes and can even add your little twist to it!
      Although juicing with this product does require cutting your fruits or veggies down into pieces so that they can fit its chute but once that’s done, you get your juice well done!
    • Some of the recipes you can try out for juicing are:-

      Ingredients :-
      Grapes, cucumber, kale and apples.

      Green Juice


    • RED MIX :-

      Ingredients :-
      Strawberries, blueberries and a mango.
      Red Mix


      An apple, ice cubes and strawberries (250g)

      Strawberry And Apple Mix


    • Healthylicious :-

      Mint Springs (5), granny smith apples (3), baby spinach (100g) , pears (3) ,  ice cubes for coolness!


      Spinach And Pear


    • Orange Carrot Juice :-

      Ingredients :-
      Oranges (2), carrots (3) and chia seeds (if you want)

      Orange And Carrot Juice



    • Do you want some great smoothie recipes which are way more elaborate than these juicing ones?CLICK HERE!


    • Do you want to know more about the Black + Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Fruits And Vegetable Extractor With Custom Juice Cup more before you make up your mind to make a purchase? Go here:-
    • Thank you for reading 🙂
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