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6 Ways To Control What You Eat

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  • Being overweight is a problem that many people face.
    We do realize that our diet should be controlled the moment we begin overeating but most people don’t succeed at this. 
  • Now, many factors come into play when it comes to controlling the way we eat.
    For example: – Emotionally, we need the mindset to control our diet and physically, we need to have the right amount of exercise to keep fit and healthy which goes hand in hand with controlling our diet.

  • Why do we crave food?

  • Hunger is known as the signal our body gives us when we need energy.
    Craving is classified as the desire for a particular type of food.
    Craving Food
  • When we are hungry, our brain pushes us to crave foods that will make us feel better after eating them. For us, human beings, craving certain foods and eating them continuously can cause a lot of weight gain.
  • Most of us are attracted to sugary foods, fats, starchy and salty foods.This can affect your metabolism too because they might reduce the ability of our muscles to oxidize glucose. 
  • However, this can be fixed by exercising as it is known to increase the level of metabolism in our bodies.
  • It is also said that when we like the taste of food (for eg: – your favorite dish), our brain tends to register the way we feel after doing so. 
  • After all, we do salivate when we think about our favorite food and this is only because our brain remembers that feeling and then, we respond accordingly in the form of craving that favorite dish!
    • Therefore, it is important to curb cravings to avoid gaining weight and switching to healthier food will only benefit us in the long run.
      There are many ways in which you can make that switch in your diet but something we should also give major importance to is how we control what we eat.

    • How do I control what I eat?

    • It is very important to control what we eat and the way we eat it for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and optimal body weight.
    • It is also important to understand that while we control our diet, we should not stay hungry while we restrict ourselves from those ‘forbidden foods’. [TIP: – Eat foods that are rich in fiber.]
    • So, without further ado, here are 6 ways you can control what you eat:-
    • 1) EAT A BALANCED DIET:-Tomato Tape Book

    • Eating a balanced diet will not only give you the necessary nutrients required for healthy functioning but it also helps your brain feel contented. There are many ways you can have a balanced diet.
    • If you have a habit of eating more of sugary or fatty foods, you can start by eating them less often and reducing the amount day by day. When you pick out your milk and dairies, go for those products that give you the benefits of dairy without consuming too much fat.
      For eg: – skimmed milk, soy yogurt etc. 
    • Incorporate your choice of fruits and vegetables into your diet, include starchy foods and foods which are good in protein too. To view some diet plans, click below:-

                                              —–>DIET PLANS<—–


    • 2) STAY AWAY FROM LIQUID CALORIES:-Juice Glass With Kiwi Mason Jar

    • Many people have the habit of drinking soft drinks, juice etc during a meal or even after it. This results in additional calories and it is also said that liquid calories comprise 20% of our diet on average. 
    • It is advisable to cut down on these and some liquids like freshly squeezed juices are nutritious too so it would be better to have them a cup a day with or without a meal.

    • 3) DRINK PLENTY OF WATER:-Glass Of Water

    • We all know how important it is to drink water for survival but it can also help in controlling your weight by keeping you full. Before a meal, drink a big glass of water and it makes you less prone to overeating. 
    • In many cases, what we assume as hunger may actually be the need for water in our bodies. Water is a 0 calorie drink so it naturally supports weight loss and can also help us burn calories by drinking more of it.

    • 4) NOT ALL CHOLESTEROL IS BAD:-Basket Of Eggs

    • The recommended intake for cholesterol is 300 mg and we consume the healthy kind from eggs, animals foods etc.
      Thus, not all cholesterol is bad and the ones we should cut down on are in the form of trans fats and saturated fats. 
    • The good type of cholesterol is called High-Density Lipoprotein which can help us to steer clear of heart diseases.


      Small Plates

    • Many people have the tendency to finish every bite of food on their full sized plates. While finishing every bite is a good way to not waste food, controlling the plate size can help us reduce! 
    • Using smaller plates will help you control your portion sizes and can help prevent the tendency to overserve with ease.

    • 6) SET YOUR TIMINGS:-Body Clock

    • One simple step you can take towards controlling what you eat is also paying attention to when you eat it. Adjusting your food timings according to your body clock can help in weight loss.
    • Research has found that people who are night owls actually want to have larger meals later during the day which can result in unwanted symptoms like stress.
    • On the other hand, the people who love the mornings and have their meals early are less prone to obesity and stress. Thus, we need to maintain a healthy balance between our food timings and body clock timings which in turn will help our metabolism function better.

    • Some effective books you can read for weight loss are :-





4 thoughts on “6 Ways To Control What You Eat

  1. I think that junk food is not always bad. Some times per month it works in a positive way on us, reducing our stress and a bit self-indulgence tho 😀 But I still say that it’s not about diet. It’s about working out and eating exactly the amount we need to eat. When you add some chocolate and fruits to it, it works perfect 🙂

    1. Hi, Andraz! 🙂
      If you have an effective healthy diet in place for yourself, then having cheat days where you eat junk is not a problem because you still exercise the next day and know how to keep control on what you’re eating.

      As far as eating the amount we need to eat is concerned, people have a different perception of how much they need to eat and if you’re trying to lose weight it becomes very important to eat the right foods and control your portions the right way.

      Personally, I believe a person should always control their portions even if they are not trying to lose weight as this keeps them from eating excessive amounts of food.

      Even when you eat healthily, you can still feel full thanks to the nutritious fibers and other types of foods that provide you with the sufficient nutrition your body needs to live healthily and be healthy. 🙂

  2. The main problem is to stay away from liquid calories, unless drinking only what we prepared ourselves. This is possible by setting up some objectives, for example on what quantity of water to drink per day and at regular hours.

    1. Hi, Médard!
      I completely agree with you on that. Many people find it difficult to get rid of their favorite soda, soft drinks or any other type of liquid calories while eating food and it really does make a person add on to their calories which leads to unwanted fat in the future. Some research has also shown that drinking water right after your meal can make you fat so it’s better to have it while eating your food. I’ll be posting about how much water you should drink according to your blood group because that is very important and that’s what we should be following when it comes to thinking about the amount of water we need to drink.

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